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ThelioAi is an AI assistant that operates on WhatsApp, offering a range of productivity features. The tool is powered by ChatGPT and provides real-time internet access, enabling users to stay informed and creative on the go.

ThelioAi allows users to access a range of features within one chat interface, including advanced text responses, AI chat, article summarization, YouTube video summaries, and PDF file integration.

The tool also offers advanced image creation capabilities, allowing users to turn their visual thoughts into reality. By simply describing what they want to create, ThelioAi generates stunning 1024x1024 resolution images using DALL·E 2 creations.ThelioAi can be helpful in various areas, including learning, business, wellness, and creativity.

Users can build knowledge in any topic by discussing questions or summarizing web articles and YouTube videos. In a business context, ThelioAi can assist with tasks such as formal emails, essays, business plans, negotiations, and decision making.

For wellness-related inquiries, ThelioAi provides advice and suggestions on exercise, nutrition, and cooking. In terms of creativity, the tool can generate image ideas, variations of existing designs, and unique social media captions.Additionally, ThelioAi offers on-the-go assistance for various needs, such as restaurant recommendations, trip planning, and providing quick suggestions.

The LiveGPT engine captures the latest information from the web, making it useful for staying updated on recent news events. ThelioAi is a convenient and versatile AI assistant that assists users in a wide range of tasks and activities.


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Thelio was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 13th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Operates on WhatsApp
Real-time internet access
Multiple features within chat
Advanced text responses
Article summarization
YouTube video summaries
PDF file integration
Advanced image creation
Generates 1024x1024 resolution images
Uses DALL·E 2
Helpful for multiple sectors
Learning aid for any topic
Business task assistance
Provides wellness advice
Aids in creativity
Generates unique social media captions
Provides on-the-go assistance
Restaurant recommendations
Trip planning
Provides quick suggestions
LiveGPT used for updates
Useful for staying updated
Convenient and versatile
Personalised assistance
Text to image feature
Image to image variation
Helps with formal emails
Helps with essays
Assists in business plans
Assists in negotiations and decision-making
Exercise, nutrition, and cooking advice
Generates image ideas
Offers design variations
Operates in real time
Real-time news updates
Assistance for various needs
Tailored assistance for users
Can ask specific questions about web content


Limited to WhatsApp platform
No desktop version
No multilingual support
Requires constant internet access
PDF file integration unclear
Limited image resolution
Dependent on ChatGPT capabilities
Restricted to manual input


What is ThelioAi?
What is ChatGPT and how is it used in ThelioAi?
What productivity features does ThelioAi provide?
How does ThelioAi use real-time internet access?
In what areas can ThelioAi be useful?
What advanced text responses does ThelioAi provide?
Does ThelioAi support video summarization?
How does ThelioAi handle PDF file integration?
What capabilities does ThelioAi offer for image creation?
Can ThelioAi help with learning and how?
Does ThelioAi offer business support such as assisting with emails, business plans, etc?
How can ThelioAi support wellness-related inquiries?
How can ThelioAi aid in enhancing creativity?
Can ThelioAi provide restaurant recommendations and help in trip planning?
What does the LiveGPT engine in ThelioAi do?
What's the functionality of the DALL·E 2 creations with ThelioAi?
Can ThelioAi summarize web articles and YouTube videos?
How can ThelioAi assist in social media content creation?
Does ThelioAi offer AI chat alongside its other features?
What image resolutions does ThelioAi support?


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