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Personalized advice/chat on WhatsApp via chatbot.
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ItaGPT is a chatbot based on artificial intelligence designed and produced in Italy. The chatbot is available via WhatsApp, free of charge and requires no registration.

ItaGPT has the ability to provide advice, answer questions and offer information on any topic. It has access to all information found on the internet up to 2021 and is suitable for individuals in different fields, including marketing, teaching, entrepreneurship, law, and more.

Users have the option of asking for help in creating quizzes, generating content for social media, devising marketing strategies, automating customer service processes, collecting feedback from customers, and more.

The chatbot is designed to cater to specific user needs and is available 24/7. ItaGPT is based on OpenAI technology and is secure, reliable, and quick to respond.

The tool is marketed as being free of charge, accessible, and easy to use. The above information is accessible on ItaGPT's webpage, along with information regarding managing cookies, preferences, statistics and marketing purposes.

Overall, ItaGPT serves as a useful tool for individuals in different fields who require support in their daily tasks or specific projects. It relies on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide personalized responses to user queries and is a unique tool produced in Italy that caters to specific user needs.


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ItaGPT was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 5th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Italian ChatGPT
Available on WhatsApp
No registration required
Personalized advice capability
Extended database access till 2021
Wide-field usability
Quiz creation
Social media content creation
Marketing strategy advice
Customer service automation
Feedback collection support
24/7 availability
Highly secure
Fast response
Free of charge
Helpful in daily tasks
Project-specific advice
Teaching assistant
Legal advice
Entrepreneur's guidance
Coding help for students
Article review guidance
Marketing content suggestions
Digital marketing strategy creation
Fairy tale generation
Recipe creation
Fitness plan creation
Immediate WhatsApp replies
10 free responses per month
Monthly non-cumulative free credits
Refer and earn benefits
Optional subscription packages
Link sharing for invitations
Natural language usage
Intuitive responses
Cognitive to wide range of queries
Condition-based automatic recharge
Email support
User insights and statistics
Chef-like recipe suggestions
Health advice
Support forum


Only Italian language support
Limited to WhatsApp
Restricted to information until 2021
Limited free usage
Possibility of inaccurate responses
Limited real-time information
No app or website interface


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Can ItaGPT be used for marketing strategies?
Does ItaGPT offer functions for automating customer service processes?
Can ItaGPT provide personalized responses to queries?
Is ItaGPT based on OpenAI technology?
How can I start using ItaGPT?
Can ItaGPT help with legal questions?
Does ItaGPT only answer queries in Italian?
What are the security features of ItaGPT?
Does ItaGPT operate round the clock?
Can I use ItaGPT to get information found on the internet?
Does ItaGPT require user registration?
Is the use of ItaGPT limited to certain fields?
Can ItaGPT help me collect customer feedback?
Is there a limit on the number of queries that can be made to ItaGPT?


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