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DialogAi is a WhatsApp chatbot that utilizes AI technology to provide users with quick and accurate answers on a range of topics. The chatbot is powered by ChatGPT and can respond to voice and text messages.

The AI technology used can transcribe voice messages into text and answer questions in various areas, including personal finance, entertainment, health, and more.

Users can ask follow-up questions via voice or text, and the chatbot saves communication context for up to 10 minutes.With DialogAi, users can forward voice messages via WhatsApp to get transcriptions and summaries using advanced AI technology.

They can also use the chatbot to research unfamiliar topics, get recipe recommendations, or formulate nice replies to messages. The service is free for up to 20 messages or 2 minutes of voice messages and comes with a limit of roughly 250 words of reply.DialogAi assures users of data security and privacy, with only 10 minutes of chat history saved for convenient follow-up questions.

Its servers are located in London, and user data is not shared with any third party. Feedback and support are available via WhatsApp.DialogAi is an effective AI-powered tool for anyone looking to get quick and accurate answers on various topics, with the convenience of using WhatsApp.


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DialogAi was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 5th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Responds to voice messages
Text and voice interaction
Transcribes voice to text
Can respond on various topics
Allows follow-up questions
Saves communication context
Can transcribe and summarize messages
Can research unfamiliar topics
Generates text message replies
Free for initial use
Ensures data security
No third-party data sharing
Real-time support via WhatsApp
Speech to text capability
Functional with WhatsApp
Accessible anywhere with internet
Servers located in London
Specific message limits
Privacy considerations
Easy to operate
Handles complex question formulation
Can provide recipe recommendations
Financial advisory capabilities
Health advice provision
Capable of message summarization
Subscription for unlimited messages
250 words reply limit
Handles voiced and text enquiries
Clear instructions on usage
Functionality reminders available
Allows feedback via WhatsApp
Potential for advertisement support
Rapid information delivery
Chat context retention
Customer-friendly privacy policy
Independently operated - no third parties
Offers chat history
Email support available
Easy startup process
Access through a phone number
Availability to follow developers on Twitter
Advanced ChatGPT implementation
Flexible to user requests
Streamlined query handling process
Follow-up on prior conversations
Designed for mobile use
Adopts a conversational approach
Option for a premium plan


Only 10 minutes chat history
250 words reply limit
Limited to 20 messages
Restricted to WhatsApp
Only English transcription
Paid for unlimited use
Every follow-up resets time
Needs specific start keywords
Cannot differentiate voices
No offline functionality


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How secure is my data with DialogAi?
Where is DialogAi's server located?
How do I provide feedback on DialogAi?
How does DialogAi remember the context of the conversation?
Can DialogAi answer questions in the area of personal finance?
How long does DialogAi save the communication context?
What is the word limit for DialogAi's replies?
Can I ask DialogAi follow-up questions?
How can I use DialogAi for voice messages transcription?
Does DialogAi offer customer support?
Can I use DialogAi to formulate replies to messages?
What are the areas in which DialogAi can provide answers?
Does DialogAi share user data with third parties?


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