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Entertaining and informative WhatsApp chatbot.
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Snowball AI is a WhatsApp chatbot powered by ChatGPT that provides users with information and entertainment. The tool allows users to chat, play games, and ask questions within the WhatsApp environment, without the need to visit a separate website or install an app.

Snowball AI is available in three languages: English, German, and Portuguese. The tool is designed for accessibility, with no registration or sign-up needed, and it operates on a prepaid subscription model.

The tool's pricing plan includes a free version that gives users 20 free initial messages, followed by 10 free messages per day with ads. Snowball AI also offers a limited-time introduction price prepaid plan that includes 500 and 1000 user-initiated messages.

Snowball AI's capabilities range from assisting with text reply generation, creating a story for a 5-year-old, summarizing a book, creating quizzes, and identifying episode titles for TV shows.

The tool uses advanced machine learning techniques to understand and respond to users' queries in real-time. The tool is still in development, and new features are planned, including faster response times and the ability to recognize humor.

Users can cancel or update their subscription by sending the "unsubscribe-me" command to Snowball AI through WhatsApp. Snowball AI's responses may repeat if users do not wait for a complete reply before sending a new message.


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Snowball was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 21st 2023.
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Pros and Cons


WhatsApp integrated
Multi-language support
No registration needed
Prepaid subscription model
Free usage tier
Subscriptions managed on WhatsApp
Games functionality
Text reply generation
Story creation capabilities
Book summarization
Quizz creation
TV shows episode identifying
Voice message response
Unsubscribe easily
Can generate context
Voice input and output
Real-time response
Planned faster response time
Frequent updates planned


Limited language support
Slower response times
Some repeating responses
Limited to WhatsApp
Limited knowledge beyond 2021
Occasional incorrect info generation
Can produce harmful/biased content
Pre-paid subscription model
Potentially slow voice input
No desktop voice input


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What capabilities does Snowball AI have?
What is the message limit on the free version of Snowball AI?
How does Snowball AI create quizzes?
Can Snowball AI summarize books?
What are the new features planned for Snowball AI?
Why do Snowball AI's responses occasionally repeat?
Does Snowball AI work on WhatsApp desktop?
How is my data used by Snowball AI?
Is Snowball AI private and secure?
How are credits counted in Snowball AI?
Can Snowball AI recognize humor?
What type of games can I play with Snowball AI?
What are the limitations of Snowball AI?
How does Snowball AI assist with text reply generation?


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