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Web browsing and info extraction for Siri.
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Sirius is a tool that enhances the capabilities of Siri, Apple's digital assistant, by integrating GPT-4, a powerful Artificial Intelligence model developed by OpenAI.

With Sirius, Siri gains the ability to navigate and extract information from the internet through web scraping tasks. This means that Siri can now perform advanced web searches, gather and synthesize web content, and present the results to the user.The integration of GPT-4 allows Siri to comprehend, summarize, and engage with web content in a more nuanced and human-like manner.

It can understand and interpret complex data from a variety of web sources, making it proficient in tasks such as reading, summarizing, and analyzing web articles, forums, blogs, research papers, and more.

Additionally, Sirius enables Siri to extract specific information from various websites, such as comparing product prices, monitoring social media trends, or extracting news articles on specific topics.Sirius is compatible with all iOS, macOS, and iPadOS devices, ensuring accessibility across the entire range of Apple devices.

It supports multilingual content, allowing Siri to interpret and translate web pages or gather information from foreign language sites.The tool can be activated by saying "Hey Sirius" after installing a shortcut, which will be provided upon a one-time payment.

Lifetime updates and features are included with the purchase, and there are no additional costs or subscription fees.Overall, Sirius is a game-changing tool that empowers Siri to bring a new level of intelligence and web interaction to users, revolutionizing the way we interact with the web through our devices.


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Sirius was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 27th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Advanced web browsing for Siri
Info extraction from web
Ability to summarize web content
Comprehends and interprets web data
Capable of analyzing web articles
Compares product prices
Monitors social media trends
News articles extraction
Compatible with all iOS devices
Supports multilingual content
Translates web pages
Cross-Platform Compatibility
Advanced voice commands
Provides condensed information summaries
One-time payment for access
No additional costs
Shortcut available for quicker access
Lifetime access to updates
More nuanced interaction with web
GPT-4 comprehension capabilities
Efficient web scraping
Access to Siri shortcut
Answers are automatically saved
30-day money-back guarantee
Future updates included
Saves info in Quick Note
Compatible with macOS
Compatible with iPadOS
Unlimited information gathering
Can interpret foreign pages
Secure web interactions
Improved Siri command set
Allows specific instructions
Helpful customer support
Efficient system integration
Zapier integration coming soon
Notion integration coming soon
Make integration coming soon
Can read .pdf, .csv, .docx, .txt
ChatGPT plugins integration coming soon
Respects Apple's privacy protocols


iOS, macOS, iPadOS only
One-time payment, potentially expensive
Requires shortcut installation
Only activated by voice
Answers saved in Notes app
No direct customer service
Several features still pending
Requires JavaScript to buy


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Can I use Sirius on all my iOS, macOS and iPadOS devices?
Does Sirius support multiple languages?
How do I activate Sirius?
What is the Sirius shortcut and how do I use it?
Are there any additional costs associated with Sirius after the one-time purchase?
What kind of updates can I expect with Sirius?
Can Sirius compare prices from various websites?
Can Sirius help Siri understand and interpret complex research papers?
How does Sirius perform social media trends monitoring?
Can Siri extract news articles on specific topics with Sirius?
Does Sirius help in translating web pages?
Can I give more complex voice instructions to Siri using Sirius?
Does Sirius offer API integrations with other tools?
How does Sirius affect Apple's privacy protocols?
How does Sirius handle web scraping tasks?


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