ChatGPT 2023-04-06
Simplified ChatGPT usage with virtual assistant.
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Coco is a virtual assistant tool that simplifies the use of the ChatGPT AI model on smartphones. Designed primarily for iPhones (Android version is under development), Coco provides a convenient wrapper around ChatGPT, making it free and accessible to the general public.

Users can install Coco through a website link and use it in two ways: text mode or voice mode. In voice mode, users can activate Coco by saying “Hey Coco” or simply “Coco,” and the virtual assistant will respond with a “yes?”.

When using Coco for the first time, users will be asked to grant permission for creating a note and accessing the ChatGPT server. After permission is granted, a question can be asked in the prompt, and Coco will respond with an answer.

It is worth noting that personal questions, news, and weather-related inquiries may not be answered by ChatGPT. If permission is not granted in a timely manner, the request may time out, resulting in no response.

Users can send feature requests or suggestions through an email specified on the website. Overall, Coco is a simple yet powerful tool that can assist users in accessing ChatGPT with ease and convenience.


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Pros and Cons


Free usage of ChatGPT
Simplified ChatGPT usage
Available on smartphones
Designed for iPhones
Android version under development
Installs via website link
Text and voice modes
Voice activation with 'Coco'
Initial setup asks permissions
Creates a note for ID
Accesses ChatGPT server
Requests timeout if no permission
User suggestions through email
Convenient to use
Easy installation process
Personal assistant-like feature
Accepts non-personal inquiries
Suppresses responses to personal questions
No answers to news or weather
Efficient setup process
Intuitive user interface
Appropriate for non-tech savvy users
Direct interaction with ChatGPT


Only supports iPhone
Android version still in development
Request timeout issues
Relies on user permission
Does not answer personal inquiries
Cannot provide news updates
Limited to non-weather topics
Voice mode requires silent mode off
Requires website installation
Responses restricted to ChatGPT capabilities


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Can Coco be operated in voice mode?
Why does Coco ask for permission to create a note?
What happens if I don't grant permission to Coco on time?
What types of questions can Coco answer?
What types of inquiries are not able to be answered by Coco?
How can I send feature requests or suggestions for Coco?
Why do I need to access the ChatGPT server?
Can Coco provide weather update or news?
How do I activate Coco in voice mode?
What is the 'yes?' prompt in Coco?
Why do I need to click on 'Add Shortcut' during Coco installation?
What happens after Coco is installed successfully?
Why can't I get a response from Coco sometimes?
Is Coco expected to support Android in the future?

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