Task automation 2023-06-14
Automated browser actions for data collection.
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Goless is a web automation tool that allows users to automate various browser actions, simplifying daily tasks and saving time. With the Goless Chrome extension, users can create automated workflows without the need for coding.

The extension runs locally in the browser, ensuring data security.Some of the key features of Goless include web scraping, form filling, CAPTCHA resolution, and integration with ChatGPT for generating automatic responses.

Users can scrape data from websites and export it as JSON or CSV, or directly insert it into Google Sheets. The tool also enables automated form filling on websites through the extension.Goless allows users to set triggers for automation based on time, date, or other conditions.

It supports spreadsheet automation, making tasks such as data entry and updating spreadsheets easier. Automation can be shared with team members for collaborative use.One of the unique capabilities of Goless is its ability to visually extract data from websites using a convenient editor within the extension.

This feature eliminates the need for coding skills.Additionally, Goless offers various ready-made workflows in its marketplace, contributed by the user community.

These workflows cover a range of tasks, including cookie collection, Google search data extraction, Twitter AI replies, scraping Google Maps search results, and Binance market data extraction.Overall, Goless simplifies data collection, optimizes data entry, enables website testing, saves time on social media tasks, and provides extensive browser automation capabilities, all without requiring programming knowledge.

Goless was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on October 18th 2023.
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