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Unleash the power of ChatGPT in project and team management
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ThinkTask is a tool that leverages the power of OpenAI's ChatGPT for task and project management. It is designed to boost work productivity by automating routine tasks and providing insights based on historical data.

One of its key features is the automation of performance reporting which delivers insights through ChatGPT's historical data analysis, as well as tracking AI usage to evaluate its impact on workflows.

The platform offers visual representations of the utilization of AI by team members and an overview of project progress, task status, and estimated costs for effective project monitoring.

The Team Pulse feature provides visualizations of different task types and their status within a selected time period. Task Insights entails a tree diagram illustrating interdependencies among project tasks, thus, fostering effective planning and sequencing.

Additionally, ThinkTask can auto-create tasks from notes or context, using ChatGPT's capabilities. These tasks can come pre-filled with details like title, time, and assignee.

It also features AI-generated tags and assignments based on past experience and skills. The broad objective is to unlock productivity potential by providing a single workspace that accommodates notes, tasks, databases, collaboration, and customization.

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Pros and Cons


Advanced task management
Boosts productivity by 10x
Reduces task management time by 50%
One-click task creation automation
Detailed notes in task creation
Context in task creation
Individual user analytics
Data-driven task assignments
Automated reports and insights
Project progress tracking
Task dependency visualization
Best candidate identification
Project insights integrations
Bar charts of project progress
Treediagrams for task dependencies
WorkPage as content hub
Combines notes, tasks, databases
Offers collaboration and customization
Optimizes task management process
Automates repetitive workflows
Insights into project performance
Automates performance reporting
Historical data analysis
Project progress overview
Estimate cost tracking
Effective project monitoring
Team Pulse visualization
Visual task status representation
Auto-create tasks from notes
Auto-filled task details
Single workspace for all tasks
Ready-to-use content hub
Detailed task insights
Combines notes, tasks, databases
Team productivity potential unlocking
Boosts work productivity by 10x
Reduces task management time by 50%


Over-reliance on historical data
No manual tagging option
No in-built chat feature
No multi-language support
Limited customization capabilities
Possibly excessive data tracking
No offline mode
No standalone mobile application


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