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Cotyper is a browser extension called "Copilots for Web" that helps users build custom web copilots, enabling them to automate daily tasks and streamline their browsing experience.

Currently available only for Google Chrome and Chromium-based browsers like Microsoft Edge and Brave Browser, with support for Firefox and Safari coming soon, Cotyper extends the functionality of the browser.With Cotyper, users can create Chrome copilots that extract information from websites such as LinkedIn or YouTube, chat with PDFs, and develop custom AI tools to use across the web.

The tool simplifies the process of creating and utilizing AI-powered tools, enhancing productivity. Promoting customization, Cotyper allows users to personalize their browsing experience by building their own tools.

It empowers users to create a unique and tailored environment that increases efficiency and enjoyment while browsing.Regarding privacy, the tool assures users that their data is not used to sell advertisements or train AI models.

Cotyper relies on AI models from other providers and does not depend on user data for training purposes. Payment is handled securely through Paddle.com, ensuring the protection of credit card information.

Cancelling subscriptions is straightforward since Cotyper does not retain card details, allowing users to manage their subscriptions effortlessly.In summary, Cotyper is a Chrome extension that enables users to create customized web copilots, enhancing productivity and efficiency in browsing.

With a focus on customization and privacy, the tool aims to provide a user-friendly and secure experience.


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Pros and Cons


Custom web copilots creation
Browser task automation
Data extraction from websites
Can chat with PDFs
Enhances productivity
Promotes customization
Personalized browsing experience
Privacy-focused tool
Doesn't sell user data
Payment handled securely through Paddle.com
Doesn't retain card details
Easy subscription cancellation
Supports Chrome and Chromium browsers
Firefox & Safari support coming
Works on most websites
User-friendly chrome extension
Aims for secure user experience
Doesn't depend on ads for income


Only for Chrome initially
Potential extension compatibility issues
No free use available
Urgent Firefox & Safari support
Not all sites supported
Manual tool creation necessary
Susceptible to Chromium vulnerabilities
Data protection relies on Paddle


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What type of information can Cotyper extract from websites?
Does Cotyper support chatting with PDFs?
How does Cotyper ensure user privacy?
Does Cotyper use my data to sell advertisements?
Does Cotyper use my data to train AI models?
How does Cotyper handle payments?
Is my credit card information secure with Cotyper?
How can I cancel my subscription?
What happens to my card details when I cancel my subscription?
Can I use Cotyper on Firefox and Safari?
What does it mean for Cotyper to be a 'Copilot for Web'?
Can Cotyper work on any website?
How does Cotyper enhance productivity?
What kind of AI models does Cotyper employ?

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