Task automation 29 Aug 2023
Automated web browsing task automation

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Axiom.ai is an AI tool that enables users to automate web browser tasks without code. They have recently introduced several new AI features. The AI Data Extractor feature allows users to extract unstructured data from web pages and reformat it based on instructions, making it easy to create AI-powered web scrapers.

The AI Text Generator feature allows users to generate human-like text based on a prompt, which can then be seamlessly integrated into their Axiom workflows.

Axiom is also developing an AI Bot Builder, which will generate task-specific bot templates based on user descriptions. This feature will simplify the process of creating bots that perform functions such as data extraction and saving to Google Sheets.

Additionally, Axiom is enhancing its point-and-click Selector Tool with an AI component that assists users in creating custom CSS selectors for data scraping.

The tool will also incorporate an AI Support Assistant to aid users in resolving any issues they may encounter while automating tasks. Axiom.ai offers a Chrome extension for easy installation and integration.

They provide free usage with a limited runtime of 2 hours and offer pricing plans for extended usage. Axiom.ai is backed by Y-Combinator and has received positive reviews on the Chrome Store.

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Pros and Cons


Automates web browser tasks
Extracts unstructured data
Reformats extracted data
Generates human-like text
Integrates generated text into workflows
Generates bot templates
Creates data-specific bots
Enhances CSS selectors
Chrome extension available
Free usage upto 2 hours
Extended usage pricing plans
Backed by Y-Combinator
Positive Chrome Store reviews
ChatGPT based managed services
Automation without code
Multiple use-cases
Point-and-click Selector Tool
Data safe on user's system
Browser-based data processing


Limited free runtime
Requires ChatGPT API key
Chrome exclusive
Data stored on user's device
CSS Selector knowledge required
Extra charges for extended usage
Third-party account for ChatGPT
Learning curve for new users
Limited bot customization


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How does the AI Selector Tool in Axiom.ai help with data scraping?
How is the AI element incorporated into Axiom.ai's Selector Tool?
Is there a limit to Axiom.ai's free usage?
What are the pricing plans for Axiom.ai?
What is the Axiom.ai Chrome extension and how does it work?
How can I use ChatGPT with Axiom?
Who is backing Axiom.ai financially?
Where can I find reviews about Axiom.ai?
Can Axiom.ai automate web browsing tasks without any coding?
How can I create custom CSS selectors with Axiom.ai?
Can Axiom.ai create bots for specific tasks such as data extraction and saving to Google Sheets?
What resources does Axiom provide for learning how to use the tool?
How does Axiom.ai's AI feature assist in task automation?
What additional AI features are under development at Axiom?
Are there any restrictions on the runtime with the free version of Axiom?

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