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Assisted DevOps task automation.
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Teleport Assist is an AI-powered assistant designed to help users with DevOps tasks. It is part of Teleport's Open Infrastructure Access Platform, which provides a complete inventory of the user's infrastructure.

Teleport Assist utilizes facts about the infrastructure to generate commands and scripts, help with routine tasks, troubleshoot issues, and collect infrastructure details.

The assistant is experimental and cannot perform actions without the user's approval. Although Teleport Assist has been extensively tested, errors may occur due to generative AI responses.

Interpreting natural language, Teleport Assist can quickly generate commands to help users answer common questions across their infrastructure. After reviewing and verifying the generated commands, Teleport Assist can optionally execute the commands on target infrastructure.

Teleport Assist can help with tasks related to SSH, Kubernetes, databases, and applications running on Windows. The platform also provides features such as assist, single sign-on, access request control, role-based access control, audit and session recordings, device trust, and passwordless infrastructure access.

Teleport Assist targets industries such as e-commerce and entertainment, financial services, and software-as-a-service providers. Teleport offers a variety of integrations, documentation, and resources that allow users to learn and get started with the platform.


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Teleport Assist was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 19th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates commands and scripts
Assists with routine tasks
Capable of troubleshooting
Collects infrastructure details
Interprets natural language
Executes commands on infrastructure
Handles tasks related to SSH
Works with Kubernetes
Assists with databases
Supports applications on Windows
Single sign-on feature
Role-based access control
Provides audit and session recordings
Trusts devices
Offers passwordless infrastructure access
Suits various industries
Includes numerous integrations
Good documentation and resources
Verifies commands before execution
Handles approval-based actions
Tests commands extensively


Experimental tool
Can't operate autonomously
Requires constant user validation
Limited to specific tasks
Limited integrations
No offline functionality
No multi-language support
Limited platform support (SSH, Kubernetes, Databases, Windows Applications)
Learning curve for users


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Can I use Teleport Assist for troubleshooting?
Does Teleport Assist execute commands without my approval?
What precautions should I take when using Teleport Assist?
Does Teleport Assist support SSH, Kubernetes, databases, and Windows applications?
What industries does Teleport Assist primarily target?
What kind of documentation and resources does Teleport Assist provide for new users?
What are the access control features of Teleport Assist?
Can Teleport Assist generate command line scripts?
Is Teleport Assist capable of auditing and recording sessions?
What is the role of Teleport's Open Infrastructure Access Platform in the functioning of Teleport Assist?
What are some common issues Teleport Assist can help troubleshoot?
Does Teleport Assist offer assistance for e-commerce and entertainment industries?
What is the role of Teleport Assist in privileged access management?
What are the use cases for Teleport Assist in infrastructure access for AWS?
How does Teleport Assist handle machine-to-machine access?
Can Teleport Assist provide a developer-friendly browser environment?


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