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Switzerland remote job finder.
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AI Job Assistant by is an experimental LLM (Language Learning Machine) that specializes in helping users discover the latest remote job opportunities and remote work options in Switzerland.

The tool aims to assist users in finding the best fit for their job search needs.It is important to note that the AI Job Assistant is an experimental tool, and as such, it may produce incorrect recommendations.

Users are encouraged to always verify the output provided by the assistant. In case the assistant provides weird or inappropriate responses, or if users wish to offer feedback, there is a feedback mechanism available.To improve the accuracy of the assistant's responses, users are advised to provide more details about their job interests when interacting with the tool.

The more information users provide, the more accurate the response is likely to be.The AI Job Assistant is currently only able to respond in English. However, it is capable of processing requests in other languages.

Users do not need to worry about the storage of their inputs or the chatbot's outputs, as Remoto does not store any of this information. The process is designed to be completely anonymous.The AI Job Assistant offers a comprehensive search feature, allowing users to look for remote positions in various fields such as crypto, digital marketing, Java development, product management, cloud development, community management, software engineering, HR, and more.

Overall, AI Job Assistant is designed to streamline the remote job search process for users in Switzerland.


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Remoto was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 21st 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Specializes in remote jobs
Focuses on Switzerland job market
User feedback mechanism
Improves accuracy with detailed inputs
Processes requests in multiple languages
Privacy prioritization (doesn't store data)
Comprehensive search feature
Covers various fields and roles
Streamlines remote job search
Anonymous chatbot process
Multi-lingual request processing
No data storage requirement
Feedback for tool improvement
Accuracy increases with information detail
Privacy-focused interaction
Wide industry job search
Effective for job market in Switzerland
Experimental LLM for unique approach
Job-specific search capability
Anonymity of user maintained


Only supports English responses
May produce incorrect recommendations
Doesn't store user interactions
It's an experimental tool
Reliant on user input accuracy
Possible inappropriate responses


What is the AI Job Assistant by
How does the AI Job Assistant by assist in job searches?
What are the fields the AI Job Assistant can help search jobs in?
In what languages can the AI Job Assistant process requests?
Is the AI Job Assistant conversation stored by
What does the feedback mechanism of AI Job Assistant do?
Is the AI Job Assistant applicable to non-English speaking users?
How can I get more accurate recommendations from the AI Job Assistant?
Why is AI Job Assistant considered experimental?
What kind of incorrect recommendations might the AI Job Assistant make?
How does the AI Job Assistant handle requests in languages other than English?
What happens if the AI Job Assistant gives a weird or inappropriate response?
What information does the AI Job Assistant need to provide accurate responses?
Does store my inputs or the outputs of the AI Job Assistant?
Is there a privacy concern while using the AI Job Assistant?
What happens if I want to provide feedback about the AI Job Assistant?
Does the AI Job Assistant support job search for remote positions only?
How does the AI Job Assistant help streamline the job search process?
How often does the AI Job Assistant update its database for job opportunities?
Can businesses post job openings through the AI Job Assistant?

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