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ByJacques Gariépy
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Resume Maker is a generalized pretrained transformer (GPT) that helps users in creating and updating their resumes. Developed by Jacques Garipy, it functions as an application built on top of OpenAI's language model, ChatGPT.

This GPT interacts and guides users through the process of crafting a professional resume, which can be tailored to any industry or job type. It allows users to detail their career history, skills, and qualifications based on the user's inputs.

The tool can suggest the best way to structure these details, offer ways to word professional achievements, and ensure the final product is properly formatted and free from common errors.

Additionally, Resume Maker prioritizes user convenience, allowing users to save changes and return at any time to update their resume. It requires a subscription to ChatGPT Plus, indicating it may offer additional features or enhanced performance compared to basic ChatGPT implementations.

The GPT provides prompt starters, helping guide the conversation and effectively capture the user's profile. It starts with a welcoming message, making it user-friendly and easy to interact.

The tool extends the functionalities of ChatGPT into a specific practical application, utilizing the AI's natural language processing capabilities for a required task.

However, as it stands, while the tool adds convenience, it doesn't replace the need for user input and a final review to ensure all information is correct and best represents the individual.


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