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Automated job application creation.
Generated by ChatGPT
Let AI screen your thousands of applicants, so you can
find the right one in seconds.

Transform the way you screen applicants. Traditional applicants selection with CVs is a thing of the past. With Applicant AI, you’ll spend 80% less time screening.

Applicant AI offers a free ATS. This fully functional free Applicant Tracking System designed to simplify your hiring proccess.

What you can do with our free ATS

Create a company career page with your branding
Add jobs
Add clarification questions to jobs
Create an application form
See all your applicants
Move applicants to different stages of your hiring pipeline (reject, pre-select, assessment, interview)
Send automatic rejection email to applicants that you can customize from a template
Invite applicants to an inteview
Embed all jobs or individual jobs on your website's career page.

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Mar 22, 2024
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Pros and Cons


Automated job application creation
Generates from LinkedIn URL
Requires no special knowledge
Allows document customization
Saves time and energy
Easy to use interface
Requires no technical skills
Specifically designed for Paralegals
Delivers professional output
Eliminates manual data input
Versatile tool functionalities


LinkedIn URL required
No manual data input
Limited customization
Specific to paralegals
Relies on LinkedIn accuracy
Excludes non-digital experience
No non-LinkedIn support
Not suitable for complex resumes
No interview preparation features
Confidentiality concerns


What is LinkedIn AI?
How does LinkedIn AI generate resumes and cover letters?
Can LinkedIn AI customize the documents to match individual needs?
What is required for LinkedIn AI to generate job application documents?
How does LinkedIn AI help to save time and energy for Paralegals?
Is LinkedIn AI easy to use?
Do I need any special technical skills to use LinkedIn AI?
Can I use LinkedIn AI even if I am not a Paralegal?
What information does LinkedIn AI use from the LinkedIn URL to create the documents?
Can LinkedIn AI generate both resumes and cover letters or only either one?
How does LinkedIn AI ensure a professional look for the output documents?
What kind of information is pulled from LinkedIn by LinkedIn AI to frame the automated resumes?
Does LinkedIn AI require my LinkedIn Login details?
Can I use LinkedIn AI on multiple devices?
Are there any limitations on using it?
Is it possible to make any modifications after AI generates the documents?
Is the document generation process quick with LinkedIn AI?
Does LinkedIn AI require any document to be uploaded?
Does the LinkedIn AI support different formats like pdf or word?
Does LinkedIn AI require a paid LinkedIn profile for operation?


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