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Create stunning PDF or online CVs & resumes in minutes.
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VisualCV is a comprehensive online tool for creating, customizing, and managing CVs and resumes. It offers a variety of templates and design options to craft professional-looking CVs and resumes within minutes.

A user can import an existing file or opt to build a new one from scratch. The tool's standout feature is the AI Resume Builder that leverages AI technology to enhance the resume-making process, catering to users who might be limited by time or creativity.

It also provides options to share the resumes and CVs via email or social media, along with exporting as PDFs for direct application to employers. On top of this, VisualCV offers a multi-version management feature, which helps users personalize their application for different job openings.

Another main feature is the tool's tracking capability, which notifies users when an employer views or downloads their CV. The platform also offers a free review of CVs and incorporates strict data and privacy control measures.

Despite its primarily self-service nature, VisualCV also provides professional resume writing services, in which their expert team assists in crafting professional resumes and CVs.


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VisualCV was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 18th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Creates CVs in minutes
Variety of templates
Design options
User can import files
Build from scratch option
Customizable applications
Options to share CVs
Social media integration
Resumes exportable as PDFs
Multi-version management
Tracks when CV viewed
Notifies when CV downloaded
Free CV review
Strict data/privacy control
Professional resume writing services
CV tracking
Integrated with email
Online and PDF resumes
LinkedIn Resume Builder
Cover Letter Examples
CV Photo suggestions
Knowledge Center
5 star rating
Export to PDF feature
Highly customizable
Multi-language support
Offers Professional writing services
Good employer reach
Easy sharing through links
Data analytics for CV
Resume guidance resources
Affiliate program
Premium designs
Easily export to PDF
Explore all features on Pricing
Create multiple CV versions
Convenient and User-friendly
Quick sign-up process
No download required
Direct application to employers
Skill suggestions
Opportunity for feedback
Data control
User-friendly interface
Online customer support


Limited creativity customization
No offline capabilities
Free version limitations
Paid professional writing services
No in-built job search
No video resume option
No mobile application
No cover letter builder
Language limitations


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What is the multi-version management feature in VisualCV?
Can I export my CV as a PDF with VisualCV?
How do I know if an employer has viewed my CV with VisualCV?
Does VisualCV offer professional resume writing services?
Can I get a free review of my CV using VisualCV?
How can I personalized my application for different job positions using VisualCV?
What is the AI technology used in VisualCV?
How can VisualCV enhance my resume-making process?
What are the options provided by VisualCV to share my CV?
Does VisualCV allow direct applications to employers?
Can VisualCV assist me even when I am limited by time or creativity?
Can VisualCV assist me in building a new CV from scratch?
Can I integrate my email with VisualCV for sharing my CV?
Do I have control over data and privacy settings in VisualCV?

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