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Connecting engineers and employers on project-based profiles, not resumes.
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RealEngineers is a distinct job platform that specializes in connecting engineering candidates with potential employers. The platform emphasizes detailed, project-based profiles over traditional resumes, thereby providing a comprehensive representation of a candidate's skills, experiences, and innovations.

It encourages users to upload any number of projects, ranging from professional achievements to personal hobbies, to develop a multi-dimensional portfolio.

Each uploaded project is intelligently summarized by the platform's AI, ensuring potential employers easily comprehend the impact and scope of the work.

The AI also aids in skills mapping, generating detailed lists of skills and their applications based on each project. It helps provide a clear, accurate picture of each candidate's abilities.

RealEngineers also supports detailed profiles for employers by using AI to match detailed candidate information to specific job requirements. Simplifying the candidate assessment process, it highlights relevant project details and skills from each profile.

Furthermore, the platform includes a feature called Job Lens, which uses semantic search to adapt candidate profiles to match employer-specified criteria.

A built-in AI Chatbot also proves instrumental in understanding job descriptions and providing in-depth information about each candidate's projects. Overall, RealEngineers offers an innovative, user-friendly platform that uses AI to simplify and enrich the job matching process.


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RealEngineers was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 16th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Detailed project-based profiles
Multi-dimensional portfolio creation
Skills mapping
Matches skills to job requirements
Highlights relevant project details
Semantic search via Job Lens
User-friendly platform
Encourages wide variety of projects
Comprehensive skills and experience representation
Instant custom resume creation
Lifetime project repository
Detail-rich profiles for recruiters
Advanced semantic and vector search
User-friendly interface for employers
Tailored recruitment experience
Specific page references by chatbot
Dedicated community insights


Focused on engineering niche only
Requires detailed project input
Depends heavily on project-based profiling
In-depth skills mapping could be time-consuming
Semantic search complexity may slow down job matching
Job Lens feature may overlook non-specific criteria
Limited feature information in FAQ section


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