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Revamping recruitment through candidate evaluation.
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AutoRecruiter is an AI-powered interviewing system developed by Goodspace. It aims to revolutionize the recruitment process by automating the initial interview stage.

By doing so, AutoRecruiter reduces time and costs while ensuring a more accurate and unbiased assessment of candidates. Employers can post job openings for free and receive candidate responses without any upfront cost.

They only pay when they find a suitable candidate and want to unlock their contact details. AutoRecruiter conducts in-depth video interviews and evaluates candidates, presenting top contenders with detailed reports.

It seamlessly integrates with popular talent discovery platforms like Naukri, Monster, and LinkedIn, reducing turnaround time to just 36 hours. The tool eliminates the need for front-line interviewers, substantially reducing recruitment costs.

It can conduct up to 10,000 interviews in 24 hours, significantly accelerating the recruitment process. AutoRecruiter conducts comprehensive interviews that delve into aspects beyond the capabilities of most recruiters, ensuring a detailed analysis of each candidate's suitability for the role.

Goodspace's proprietary algorithm creates a goodness score for each candidate, considering feedback from the community and other data points to assess their strengths comprehensively.

This score helps candidates stand out from the competition and build credibility with potential employers. AutoRecruiter guarantees that no high-potential candidates are overlooked, optimizing the quality of hires.

It tailors interviews to each job description, asking relevant questions and evaluating candidates based on specific qualifications and skills. The tool can easily integrate with existing Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) or HR software for a smooth and efficient hiring experience.

Embracing AutoRecruiter allows organizations to transform their hiring process and gain a competitive edge in finding the best talent.


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Pros and Cons


Automates initial interview stage
Reduces recruitment costs
In-depth video interviews
Detailed candidate reports
Integration with talent platforms
Turnaround time of 36 hours
Eliminates need for front-line interviewers
Can conduct 10,000 interviews/day
Goodness score for candidates
Interviews tailored to job description
Integration with Applicant Tracking Systems
Free job posting
Pay on hire model
Unbiased candidate assessment
Ensures no candidate overlooked


Doesn't assess interpersonal skills
Potential privacy concerns
Non-diverse interviewing approach
Only tailored to specific roles
Reliant on quality Job Description
May overwhelm HR with reports
Candidate community feedback impact unclear
High-volume interviewing may miss nuances
Contingent on good integration with ATS


What is AutoRecruiter?
How does AutoRecruiter work?
What platforms does AutoRecruiter integrate with?
How does AutoRecruiter save on recruitment costs?
What is the maximum number of interviews AutoRecruiter can conduct in 24 hours?
How does AutoRecruiter perform in-depth interviews?
What is the goodness score that AutoRecruiter assigns?
Can AutoRecruiter be integrated with Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or HR software?
How does AutoRecruiter ensure that no high-potential candidates are overlooked?
What specific features does AutoRecruiter have for tailored interviews?
Does AutoRecruiter offer a free version?
What is the turnaround time of AutoRecruiter?
Can AutoRecruiter evaluate candidates?
What information do I receive about a candidate from AutoRecruiter?
What kind of job openings can be posted for free?
How is the goodness score from AutoRecruiter calculated?
What benefits do candidates get with the goodness score?
Is there an option to unlock the contact details of candidates?
How does AutoRecruiter reduce hiring bias?
Can I get a demo of AutoRecruiter before implementing it?

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