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Simplify hiring with next-gen ATS and AI solutions.
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Screenloop is a dynamic and comprehensive Talent Operations Platform offering a next-generation applicant tracking system (ATS) and a suite of innovative features.

The platform simplifies hiring for HR professionals and teams in businesses of all sizes by streamlining processes and optimizing outcomes. Its technology goes beyond traditional tracking, offering enhanced features such as Interview Intelligence and automated AI notes.

Screenloop also offers seamless scaling with easy start and adaptable rapid processes. In addition, the platform provides powerful AI and automation features to help reduce operational costs and drive value.

Ready-made flows can be tailored to the growing needs of an organization, offering a flexible and scalable solution. Other key attributes include interactive, prompt, and smooth processes designed to attract and retain top talent.

The platform also focuses on solving core hiring problems and offering a wide range of products including Interview Intelligence, background checks, referencing, and interviewer training.

Additionally, it captures data and analytics and auto-fills scorecards for streamlined interview documentation. The technology integrates with existing tools, starts simple, and grows with you, catering for the different scaling requirements of businesses.


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Screenloop was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 16th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Next-gen ATS
Innovative suite of features
Streamlines HR processes
Optimizes hiring outcomes
Enhanced interview intelligence
Seamless scaling capabilities
Reduces operational costs
Adaptable rapid processes
Tailored ready-made flows
Interactive hiring processes
Designed to retain talent
Solves core hiring problems
Offers background checks
Offers referencing
Includes interviewer training
Data capturing and analytics
Auto-fills interview scorecards
Integrates with existing tools
Grows with business requirements
Creates smooth hiring processes
Self-scheduling feature
Affordable pricing
Attracts top talent
Flexible scaling
Offers pulse checks
Enterprise security
Wide range of products
Expanding integrations ecosystem
Dedicated support team
Highly rated platform


Limited third-party integrations
Training required for use
Limited HR features


What is Screenloop?
How does Screenloop simplify hiring for HR professionals?
What are some of the enhanced features that Screenloop's technology offers?
What is Interview Intelligence in Screenloop?
How does Screenloop reduce operational costs?
How flexible and scalable is Screenloop?
What are some of the tools that Screenloop integrates with?
Can Screenloop's flows be tailored to suit an organization's needs?
What kind of data and analytics does Screenloop capture?
What role does AI play in Screenloop?
How does Screenloop's automated AI notes feature work?
How does Screenloop assist in talent retention?
What is Screenloop's approach to solving core hiring problems?
What additional products does Screenloop offer apart from the Applicant Tracking System?
How user-friendly is Screenloop?
Does Screenloop offer interviewer training?
Does Screenloop conduct background checks for hiring?
How does Screenloop ensure enterprise security?
Does Screenloop offer a dedicated support team?
How well-rated is Screenloop?

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