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Seeqle is an AI-powered recruitment and training tool that helps companies, training organizations, staffing platforms and agencies to effectively reach their candidate sourcing and visibility needs.

With over 30,000 HR targeting data points, Seeqle leverages these data points to target active and passive candidates in their daily browsing, promoting the organization’s job and training opportunities on over 2 million apps, websites, and social networks.Seeqle’s job posting template generator uses AI to generate an attractive and personalized job offer in a matter of seconds.

It is designed to adapt to different types of positions and different levels of experience, highlighting the company’s unique benefits and key position responsibilities.The best companies and agencies use Seeqle’s solutions to optimize their recruitments, from personalized audience analysis to know the cost and result of future HR marketing campaigns, to scheduling a demo.

Seeqle also provides resources such as customer cases, white papers, models, and webinars.


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Pros and Cons


Personalized job postings
Attractive job offer generation
Quick creation
Adapts to position types
Adapts to experience levels
30,000 HR targeting data
Active and passive candidate targeting
Wide promotion on 2 million+ platforms
Audience analysis
HR marketing campaign cost prediction
Resources and cases available
HR Programmatic solution
Dissemination of opportunities
Reception of relevant candidates
Recruitment email templates
Multi-channel broadcasting
Budget estimation
Career page & ATS
Conversion Chatbot
Collaboration support
Training Organizations support
Company and Recruiters support
Agencies support
Candidate acquisition technology
Wide social networks coverage
Designed with HR data leverage


Lacks multi-language support
No offline functionality
UI not user-friendly
Long loading times
Requires frequent data input
Inefficient customer support
Limited customization options
Lacks integration with other HR platforms
No mobile application
Lacks GDPR compliance features


What is Seeqle?
How does Seeqle's job posting template generator work?
What types of positions can Seeqle's AI adapt to?
How does Seeqle target candidates for recruitment?
What resources does Seeqle provide for its users?
What is the Recruitment Email Templates Generator offered by Seeqle?
How can Seeqle optimize my HR marketing campaigns?
What are some companies that use Seeqle?
What are the key features of job offer templates created with Seeqle's AI?
Is Seeqle applicable for a specific industry?
How does Seeqle's AI highlight my company's unique benefits and key position responsibilities?
What is the process to generate a job offer with Seeqle?
What is the role of AI in Seeqle's job posting generator?
How can Seeqle help with the visibility needs of my company?
What is HR Programmatic solution that Seeqle offers?
Where does Seeqle disseminate job opportunities?
How fast can Seeqle's AI generate a personalized job offer?
What kind of data points does Seeqle use for targeting candidates for recruitment?
Can Seeqle provide a cost and result estimate for future HR marketing campaigns?
How can I schedule a demo with Seeqle?

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