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Saves time on job descriptions.
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CraftMyJD is an AI-powered tool that generates personalized job descriptions (JDs) for hiring managers and recruiters in a few seconds. The tool offers a simple solution aimed at saving time and reducing stress that comes with the job of writing JDs.

With this product, there is no need for any writing experience, and a high-end work can be done by building relationships with candidates. CraftMyJD creates visually appealing and captivating candidate landing pages, which help to personalize the candidate experience and cut through spams.

The tool allows users to choose between options to apply through a company URL or send it via email. It also features optimized JDs for search, diversity, and inclusiveness, ensuring that the job descriptions are inclusive of attracting the broadest cross-section of people.

Furthermore, its AI technology can understand the information provided to create an inspiring job description while saving immense time. Additionally, the tool is free and offers an easy template with high-quality, curated content.

Overall, CraftMyJD is a great option for hiring managers and recruiters looking to attract more applicants and improve the hiring process.


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Jul 13, 2023
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CraftmyJD was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 29th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates personalized JDs
Saves time on writing
Creates candidate landing pages
Options for application methods
Optimized JDs for diversity
Optimized JDs for search
Requires no writing experience
Free to use
High-quality, curated content
Promotes inclusiveness
Multiple job descriptions
Simplifies hiring process
Helps attract more applicants
Improves candidate experience
Visual JD presentation
Ease of use
Quick generation of JDs


Lacks advanced customization options
No integration with job boards
No multi-language support
No option for bulk generation
Lack of sentiment analysis
No collaboration features
Relies on user-provided information
Limited format options
No data security details
No offline functionality


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How does CraftMyJD ensure diversity and inclusivity in job descriptions?
How can I apply through CraftMyJD?
How does CraftMyJD adapt the job description according to the information provided?
Is CraftMyJD a free tool?
How can CraftMyJD help to attract more applicants?
How does CraftMyJD optimize job descriptions for search engines?
What makes CraftMyJD's job descriptions visually appealing?
Can CraftMyJD create a job description in a few seconds?
Can CraftMyJD improve the hiring process?
What content does CraftMyJD offer in its template?
What is the role of AI in CraftMyJD?
How does CraftMyJD help in building relationships with candidates?
What is the personalized candidate experience in CraftMyJD?
How does CraftMyJD cut through spam?

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