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Better descriptions=quality hires=streamlined hiring.
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Hyrable is an AI-powered SaaS platform designed to streamline the hiring process for companies by creating job descriptions faster, providing instant feedback, and attracting top talent.

Their AI-tool allows businesses to use the power of technology to create job descriptions that attract the best candidates. Their upcoming feature set includes personalized responses to candidate inquiries, interview feedback, interview question generation, and job board integration.

The platform's AI-powered tools and integrations help businesses streamline their hiring process, saving time and improving candidate attraction.Hyrable offers three pricing plans, LITE, BASIC, and PRO, which depend on the size of the team, workflow automation, and amount of cloud storage needed for collaborative work.

Each plan is offered on a monthly or yearly billing basis. The platform also has a waiting list for companies interested in using their services.Overall, Hyrable is an AI-powered tool that leverages the power of technology to help businesses write better job descriptions, attract the right candidates, and streamline their hiring process.


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Hyrable was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 7th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


SaaS platform
Streamlines hiring process
Creates job descriptions faster
Provides instant feedback
Attracts top talent
Personalized responses to candidate inquiries
Interview feedback
Interview question generation
Job board integration
Workflow automation
Collaborative cloud storage
Flexible pricing plans
Waiting list for service access
Helps to write compelling job descriptions
Increases candidate attraction
Instant candidate replies feature
Quick interview feedback boosts candidate experience
Ease of creating impactful interview questions
Simple job board posting
Suitable for different team sizes
Monthly or yearly billing options
Optimized for improved candidate attraction


Limited cloud storage
Waiting list for services
Limited team user size
No clear privacy policies
Limited customization options
No diversity hiring tools
No mobile application
No performance analytics
No multilingual support
Billing not customizable


What is Hyrable?
How does Hyrable use AI to streamline the hiring process?
What are the upcoming features of Hyrable?
Can Hyrable help write better job descriptions?
Does Hyrable provide personalized responses to candidate inquiries?
How does Hyrable generate interview questions?
Does Hyrable integrate with job boards?
What are the different pricing plans of Hyrable?
Is there a waiting list to use Hyrable?
Does Hyrable help improve candidate attraction?
How does Hyrable provide instant interview feedback?
What is the cloud storage capacity with each Hyrable plan?
Is collaborative work possible with all Hyrable plans?
What does 'workflow automation' mean in the context of Hyrable's features?
How does Hyrable aid in writing job descriptions faster?
Can Hyrable be tried for free before purchasing?
What are 'AI-powered candidate replies' that Hyrable offers?
How does Hyrable contribute to an increase in revenue?
What do the ratings from early users say about Hyrable?
Does Hyrable provide updates on their launch date and access to upcoming features?

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