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Create understandable and gender-neutral job descriptions
GPT welcome message: Hello! Let's begin. What's the job title for the ad?
Sample prompts:
Write a job description for me
Schrijf een vacature voor mij
Schreibe eine Stellenanzeige für mich
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The Job Description Generator is a Generative Pretrained Transformer (GPT) developed by Textmetrics. This tool is designed to create clear, comprehensive and gender-neutral job descriptions.

Its main function is to facilitate the process of writing job ads by generating well-phrased, non-discriminatory and easy-to-understand descriptions. The GPT uses its training to present users with a welcome message, prompting them to provide a job title for the ad.

It then uses this information to generate a suitable job description. This tool strongly emphasizes inclusivity and comprehensibility in its output, aiming to eliminate any potential bias in job postings and ensure the descriptions are accessible to a wide range of potential applicants.

The interaction with the tool is facilitated through a variety of prompt starters, thus allowing users to generate job descriptions comfortably and efficiently.

Additionally, the tool offers flexibility by allowing users to ask questions in their preferred language. The GPT requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription, highlighting its advanced functionality and integration with the ChatGPT platform.

In conclusion, the Job Description Generator is a versatile, user-friendly, and impactful tool for generating inclusive and understandable job descriptions effortlessly.


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