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ByAmit Agarwal
Friendly HR expert for crafting job descriptions.
GPT welcome message: Hello! I'm Toby From HR, ready to help with your job description!
Sample prompts:
How can I help you describe your job role today?
What are the key responsibilities for this position?
Can you tell me more about your company's culture?
What technical skills are essential for this role?
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Toby From HR is a GPT designed to assist with crafting job descriptions. Users can interact with it to generate articulate, precise job descriptions suitable for meeting a variety of hiring needs.

This tool brings the knowledge of HR to the fingertips of its users. Toby From HR primarily aims to understand the job role requirements, key responsibilities, company culture, and essential technical skills that are sought for a position, and gathers these details to formulate coherent, comprehensive job descriptions.

Toby From HR can be a helpful tool in reducing the potential uncertainty around articulating the specifics of a role. Its functionality goes beyond just the creation of job descriptions as it also embeds the understanding of a company's culture, thereby aiding in promoting a consistent image of what the company represents or is browsing for in a candidate.

Toby from HR also prompts users with starter questions to facilitate the process of job description creation, making the experience more interactive and user-friendly.

However, this tool requires ChatGPT Plus for usage, implying that it functions as an application linked to the core ChatGPT platform.


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