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Candidate search & recruitment solution.
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Juicebox (PeopleGPT) is an AI-powered people search tool designed for recruiting, customer discovery, research, and more. With Juicebox, users can search and browse through a vast database of over 800 million profiles in real-time using natural language queries, without relying on complex boolean search operators.The tool offers advanced search capabilities, allowing users to refine their queries by specifying criteria such as job title, location, and company affiliation.

Juicebox leverages AI technology to analyze professional profiles, technical websites, published papers, and other relevant data sources to provide comprehensive and up-to-date information on potential candidates.One of the standout features of Juicebox is its ability to personalize email templates for outreach campaigns, increasing response rates while maintaining the user's tone and voice.

The tool also supports integration with 41 ATS systems and 21 CRMs, allowing users to sync their data seamlessly.Juicebox aims to provide a diverse pipeline of candidates by uncovering talent from varied backgrounds and experiences.

It offers project management features, enabling users to save and manage unlimited searches and candidates across different projects. Additionally, the tool supports collaboration, allowing teams to share searches, shortlisted profiles, and coordinate on outreach activities.Juicebox is trusted by 25,000 teams, recruiters, and hiring managers and offers a range of pricing plans.

It provides contact information, including personal and professional emails, phone numbers, and verified details in real-time. With a significant global reach, Juicebox helps users fulfill any search requirements and offers a contact information guarantee for immediate connection with potential candidates.Overall, Juicebox (PeopleGPT) streamlines and enhances the people search process with its AI-powered search engine, personalized outreach features, diverse candidate sourcing, and integration capabilities.


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