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Hires efficiently, automates, and evaluates candidates.
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The AI Recruiter is an advanced tool offered by XOR AI that enables organizations to streamline their hiring process. It leverages text messaging, artificial intelligence, and virtual career fairs to engage talent instantly, automate tasks, and recruit virtually.

The AI Recruiter takes a unique approach to candidate sourcing by utilizing non-standard sources such as AI digital marketing, XOR virtual career fairs, and multi-level referral programs.

The tool attracts applicants efficiently, ensuring a diverse pool of candidates for consideration. The tool employs an intelligent algorithm to assess and score candidates, ensuring a perfect match for the required position.

This smart candidate screening eliminates the need for manual filtering and saves valuable time for hiring managers and recruiters. Additionally, the AI Recruiter syncs seamlessly with the recruiters' calendars, automating the scheduling of prescreened candidates for first interviews.

This feature simplifies the coordination process and allows recruiters to focus on delivering great candidates to clients. The AI Recruiter is particularly effective in hiring blue-collar and hourly workers, promising a quick turnaround time for a hire at a cost of $500 per hire.

It offers a money-back guarantee for positions unclosed over 90 days. Overall, the AI Recruiter by XOR AI is a cost-effective solution that optimizes the hiring process, saves time, and delivers excellent results for organizations seeking to attract and hire top talent.


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