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Automates recruitment: CV screening, filtering, search.
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HireDev is an AI-powered recruitment tool that simplifies the hiring process for organizations. The tool is designed to streamline candidate selection by providing an AI-powered assistant that can handle various recruitment tasks, such as CV screening and assisted filtering, all on a single platform.

With HireDev, organizations can create job listings and receive applications from candidates with resumes, which the AI assistant then reads and extracts all the important information needed.

Additionally, HireDev includes a robust search function that can be used by recruiters and administrators, which is supported by modern technology. The tool also features real-time dashboards, providing instant recruitment insights, and streamlined workflows.

HireDev has a modern, responsive, and fully customizable design that works seamlessly on all devices - candidates can apply from anywhere, at any time.

By automating the candidate screening function, the tool can save organizations' time and reduce their recruitment costs, giving them access to top-quality candidates with a higher chance of recruitment success.

HireDev is built on the Bubble point-and-click programming tool, which offers a user-friendly way to create web applications that are hosted on a cloud platform.

The service is offered with a 14-day free trial and a fixed monthly fee, and it can be used by unlimited users to handle an unlimited number of vacancies.


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Hiredev was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 13th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Automates recruitment tasks
Single platform operations
Robust search function
Real-time recruitment dashboards
Streamlined workflows
Responsive and customizable design
Compatible on all devices
Improved recruitment cost efficiency
Built on Bubble tool
Cloud-based web applications
Unlimited user capacity
Can handle unlimited vacancies
14-day free trial
Fixed monthly fee
Helpful in candidate information extraction
Effective resume screening
Assisted filtering
Insights on hiring behaviors
Saving costs on recruitment
Invitation option for colleagues
Modern design
Real-time dashboards
Exceptional recruiter and candidate experience


Depends on Bubble platform
Limited search functionalities
No multilingual support
No integration with other HR tools
Limited reporting features
Not suited for complex roles
Flat-rate pricing lacks flexibility
No explicit data privacy measures
No mobile app availability


What is HireDev?
How does HireDev make recruitment easier?
What tasks can HireDev's AI assistant handle?
How can HireDev help organizations save time and reduce recruitment costs?
What is the Bubble point-and-click tool that HireDev is built on?
What functions does the real-time dashboard on HireDev provide?
Can HireDev be customized to fit my organization's design?
How can I create job listings with HireDev?
How does HireDev's AI-powered search function work?
What platforms does HireDev work seamlessly on?
How efficient is the CV screening by HireDev?
What is HireDev's pricing model?
Does HireDev offers a free trial?
Are there any limits to the number of users or job vacancies on HireDev?
How does the AI assistant in HireDev extract important information from resumes?
Can candidates apply anytime and anywhere using HireDev?
What type of information can I expect to get with HireDev's recruitment reports?
How can I start using HireDev?
Who are the typical users of HireDev?
Why choose HireDev over other recruitment tools?

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