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Revolutionize hiring with AI-powered phone screening.
Generated by ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered tool designed to significantly streamline the hiring process by automating phone screening. This tool enables recruiters to effortlessly and rapidly conduct candidate screens, which not only reduces time spent on individual candidate evaluations, but also enhances the overall selection process.

Designed to mitigate the challenges of 'resume drowning', it utilizes AI capabilities to call, screen, and rank candidates, easing the workload of HR teams.

The tools automation process commences upon the upload of job post details, such as location, skills, salary, and experience, whereupon the system generates interview questions focused on the stipulated skills and requirements.

Subsequently, the interview questions can be customized as required, and an automated phone screen is then good to proceed. Each job post created generates a unique application link, facilitating immediate and automated phone screens for applicants.

Candidates' performances during phone screens are extensively analyzed, resulting in a detailed scorecard, inclusive of the candidates' responses to each question.

Playback options for each call are also made available to provide comprehensive candidate assessment. thus offers recruiters a more efficient method of identifying top-performing applicants without extensive manual effort.


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PhoneScreen was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 29th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Automates phone screening
Efficient in candidate evaluations
Reduces 'resume drowning'
Job post detail utilization
Generates interview questions
Permits question customization
Generates unique application links
Analyzes candidate performances
Provides detailed scorecards
Offers call playback
Efficiently identifies top-performers
Minimizes manual effort
Customizable interview process
Real-time automated phone screens
Inclusive candidate response analysis
Instant interview setup
Direct integration with job posts
Automated phone calls to candidates
Comprehensive candidate assessment
Centralized candidate performance overview
Open to all applicants
Real-time candidate assessment
Detailed breakdown of responses
No qualified candidate left behind
Accessible public job postings
Streamlined hiring process
Insights into job-related skills
Facilitates immediate applicant screening
Supports bulk applicant assessment
Effective workload management


No multilingual support
Lacks emotion recognition
Cannot detect candidate's interest
No video screening options
Can't deal with off-script answers
Cannot ask follow-up questions
Can't screen for soft skills
May have technical call issues
Possible privacy concerns


What is
How does streamline the hiring process?
What is the purpose of's automated phone screening feature?
How does help address the problem of 'resume drowning'?
What happens after I upload job post details on
Can I customize the interview questions generated by
What is the use of the unique application link generated by
How does analyze candidate performances?
What kind of details are included in the scorecard?
Is it possible to replay the phone screens conducted by
How does assist in selecting top-performing applicants?
What does it mean that turns the hiring process on its head?
How does decrease the workload for HR teams?
How has revolutionized phone screening in recruitment?
How does the immediate callback feature of work?
How does generate interview questions?
What's the benefit of to large companies with multiple openings?
What does it mean that aids 'talent acquisition'?
What kind of candidates is recommended for?
How secure is the data processed by

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