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Job analysis and recruiting platform.
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Fairantee™ is an AI-powered tool aimed at revolutionizing executive search services by implementing a fair pricing scheme. Using machine learning algorithms, Fairantee™ takes into account multiple factors such as location, industry demand, and work arrangements to determine the complexity of individual roles and adjust pricing accordingly.

This approach to pricing ensures a tailored quote for every role, and moves away from the 'one size fits all' pricing model prevalent in the industry.

The platform not only focuses on recruitments but also emphasizes diversity and value in its executive placements. The service also offers various partnership solutions including ad hoc executive searches, talent pipelining programs, a subscription model for organizations with multiple roles, and sourcing diverse executives for board roles.

To ensure their executive search is effective, Fairantee™ employs a 6-step procedure which includes several front-line activities like initial client consulting, candidate sourcing, interview process management, negotiations & reviews, and post-placement assessments.


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