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Full-service recruitment with AI-driven video interviews and assessments.
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HireVue is an enterprise-level hiring platform that provides comprehensive recruitment solutions. It offers features like video interviewing and hiring assessments to help streamline the hiring process.

Leveraging AI automation, HireVue aims to simplify HR workflows, ensuring candidates are treated fairly and efficiently. The platform emphasises on identifying candidate's potential and future capabilities more than their past achievements.

One of the key features of HireVue is its capability to integrate smoothly with your Applicant Tracking System (ATS), automating steps for more productive hiring teams.

This solution is designed to offer a faster recruitment process without compromising the quality of candidates. HireVue caters to different hiring needs, including hourly hiring, campus hiring, professional hiring, and technical hiring.

For each hiring segment, they provide specific solutions. For instance, for campus hiring, HireVue reaches out to students via text and video on their mobile devices, supporting a full mobile hiring process.HireVue also offers a unique feature for technical hiring where it integrates coding assessments and challenges which are fully validated by Json.

These assessments help HR departments to uncover qualified talent, specifically engineers, developers, and data scientists who can meet deadlines and work well in teams along with the required coding skills.In all its services, HireVue prioritizes enterprise security, rapid and flexible integration, and fairness and transparency in hiring.


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Pros and Cons


Streamlined hiring process
Smooth ATS integration
Emphasises future potential
Fast recruitment
Hourly hiring solution
Campus hiring solution
Professional hiring solution
Technical hiring solution
Hiring through mobile devices
Coding assessments for hiring
Prioritizes enterprise security
Fair and transparent hiring
Text and video hiring
Offers full mobile hiring
Uncover qualified talent efficiently
Flexible, rapid integration
Specialized solutions per segment
Supports 24/7/365 day engagement
ROI calculator
Automated text recruiting processes
ATS calendar integration
Automates hiring process
Offers flexible solutions
Identifies critical skills
Consolidates recruitment steps
Transparent interview builder
Diverse hiring solutions
Validated by Industrial-Organizational Psychologists
High security and scale
Facilitates remote hiring
Reach candidates without travelling
Decrease in time to hire
Decrease cost per interview
Allows 1to1 candidate engagement
Integrations partners support
Potential costs savings
Increases DEI hiring goals
Reimagines traditional recruitment
Access to hiring managers
Tools for universities available
Transient non-physical interview processes


Highly specialized towards hiring
Lacks flexibility for other HR tasks
Overemphasis on candidates' potential
Automation may miss subtle cues
Needs Applicant Tracking System (ATS) integration
May not suit small businesses
Limited technical hiring feature
Excessive emphasis on video engagement
No mention of handling multilingual candidates
No explicit bias-filter features


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How does HireVue ensure fairness and efficiency in the hiring process?
How does HireVue integrate with Applicant Tracking Systems?
Does HireVue compromise the quality of candidates when accelerating the recruitment process?
What specific solutions does HireVue provide for different types of hiring needs (hourly, campus, professional, technical)?
Can you explain HireVue's technology for technical hiring such as coding assessments and challenges?
What measures does HireVue take for enterprise security?
What specific solutions does HireVue offer for campus hiring?
Does HireVue support a full mobile hiring process?
How is potential and future capability of a candidate identified using HireVue?
In what ways does HireVue facilitate rapid and flexible integration?
How does HireVue assist with streamlining HR workflows?
What measures does HireVue take to ensure transparency in the hiring process?
Does HireVue cater to specific industries or job roles?
How does HireVue's Candidate Potential Analysis work?
How reliable is HireVue's hiring assessments?
What is AI Recruitment in HireVue?
What are HireVue's strategies for minimizing unconscious bias in hiring processes?

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