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Practice mock interviews with AI, streamline recruitment process.
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SmartIntervu is an AI-powered recruitment platform designed to streamline the hiring process. This platform enables recruiters to conduct fully automated virtual interviews with the help of AI models.

Through the integration of advanced tools, it permits recruiters to automate their recruitment pipelines, potentially resulting in reduced recruitment costs.

SmartIntervu offers a suite of customizable features that allows recruiters to personalize AI models with their data, modify interview bots, and create reusable interview templates.

Moreover, it provides smart dashboards to visualize candidate performance, AI accuracy, and other pipeline metrics. Candidates have the opportunity to practice mock interviews with AI on this platform.

Detailed feedback reports on candidate interviews boost the hiring capabilities further. The platform also offers significant assistance in terms of interview cost and time savings as it eliminates the time-consuming process of conducting interviews.

It comprises an AI interview evaluator meant to outshine human interviewers, and offers an easy to use tools for AI fine-tuning that suits every company's unique hiring needs.

This service can also be adopted to train evaluators to analyze interview conversations, ensuring a more engaging interview process through selection of specific interview questions, voice and tone settings.

Its free availability coupled with premium subscription plans cater to basic and advanced capabilities, respectively.

SmartIntervu was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 12th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Fully automated virtual interviews
Modifiable interview bots
Reusable interview templates
Smart dashboard visualization
Candidate performance metrics
Recruitment pipeline metrics
Detailed feedback reports
Reduced interview costs
Reduced interview timings
Voice and tone settings
Free availability with premium plans
Evaluator training on platform
Automated recruitment pipeline
Interactive interview process
Personalized recruitment experience
Interview cost and time savings
Outperforms human interviewers
Training from past interviews
Engaging interview questions
Increased recruiting velocity
Significant recruitment cost savings
Platform practice for candidates
Increased candidate evaluation
Satisfied recruiters and candidates
Support for non-technical users


No mobile app
Non-intuitive fine-tuning process
No multi-language support
Limited reusable interview templates
Premium subscription for additional features
Insufficient data privacy details
Beta version, invite-only access
Requires reliable internet connection


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