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Automate recruitment pipeline with Covey Scout.
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Covey is a talent relationship management platform designed for recruiting teams to streamline their recruitment process. The platform leverage artificial intelligence to help recruiters increase accuracy in sourcing, reaching out to candidates, and measure progress while reducing costs.

The tool comes in two packages, the Covey CRM Starter and Covey CRM Enterprise, both of which integrate with existing ATS and CRM for easy management of an organization's recruitment pipeline.

Covey Scout, one of the features of the platform, uses powerful AI to evaluate candidate's profile against a company's pre-defined evaluation criteria.

Covey Scout can also identify candidates that match specific job roles and recommend them to recruiters. With Covey's customizable role specifications, recruiters can tailor the recruitment process to fit the organization's specific needs.

The platform also provides a range of analytics to keep recruiters informed, including tracking progress of DEI programs. Additionally, Covey offers an employee referral system that enables companies to tap into their co-workers network to bring in top-talents that fit their company values.

Covey has empowered many organizations to unlock the full potential of their recruitment process and high return on investment.


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Pros and Cons


Automates recruitment pipeline
Increased accuracy in sourcing
Accurate candidate outreach
Measures recruitment progress
Reduces recruitment costs
Integrations with existing ATS
Integrations with existing CRM
Customizable role specifications
Advanced analytics capabilities
Tracks DEI program progress
Employee referral system
Tailors recruitment to organization's needs
Identifies role-specific candidates
Multitouch sequence and automation
Personalized candidate outreach
Unlimited email finding
Advanced CRM for candidate tracking
1:1 onboarding
Priority support
Dedicated Slack channel
Lowered cost-per-hire
Increased speed to close candidates
Visualize and generate reports
Saves time in candidate evaluation
Helps tap into coworker networks
Helps organize candidate relationships
Automated candidate engagement
One-click candidate sourcing
Describes evaluation criteria in plain language
Bot-trained candidate evaluation


No free trial offered
CRM Starter limitations
Unclear Enterprise package pricing
Limited outreach automation
Unspecified ATS compatibility
Costly for smaller businesses
No round-the-clock support
Potential GDPR issues
Lacks third party integration
Customizable sophistication may confuse novice users


How does Covey Scout streamline the recruitment process?
What specific features does Covey Scout offer for job recruitment?
How does the AI in Covey Scout help in sourcing candidates?
What are the differences between the Covey CRM Starter and Covey CRM Enterprise packages?
Can Covey Scout integrate with existing ATS and CRM systems?
How does Covey Scout evaluate candidates' profiles?
What does it mean to customize role specifications in Covey Scout?
What kind of analytics does Covey Scout provide?
How does the employee referral system in Covey Scout work?
What kind of return on investment can I expect with Covey Scout?
Can Covey Scout identify and recommend candidates that match specific job roles?
What progress can be measured using Covey Scout?
How does Covey Scout's AI analyze a candidate's profile against the company's criteria?
How does Covey Scout help companies tap into their co-workers network to hire top-talents?
Is there a demo available for Covey Scout?
What pricing packages does Covey Scout offer?
How does Covey Scout's AI work with the recruiting team to source and engage candidates?
How does Covey Scout's sequence feature work in the recruitment pipeline?
How effective is Covey Scout's AI in finding top talents for the company?
Can Covey Scout help in hiring for specific roles in the tech industry?

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