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Your All-in-One, AI-Driven Recruitment Solution.
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Kiru AI is an Artificial Intelligence powered tool designed to streamline recruitment processes. The solution is integrated with leading job boards and ranks resumes with a high level of precision, aiming to facilitate a hassle-free hiring process.

Key features include Kiru's AI Workflows which conduct candidate search, maintaining high accuracy. The tool also comprises smart features like intelligent candidate matching, and the ability to create custom workflows, which the provider suggests can enhance recruitment efficiency.

Advanced OCR, NLP, and ChatGPT AI solutions parse resumes across diverse file formats. Deep learning capabilities are incorporated to improve resume analysis, making data extraction more efficient.

Other features are Automation Scoring, AI-Driven Workflow, and comprehensive candidate insights. Kiru provides resume parsing using advanced technology and an AI-guided Job Description (JD) Assistant that improves job posting.

Kiru applies smart auto-rejection capabilities to the screening process to filter out candidates who don't meet specific criteria. Real-time recruitment analytics, workflow automation, and auto-interview scheduling are additional features that aim to aid the hiring process.

The tool aims to offer an end-to-end solution for recruitment, from candidate acquisition to hiring.


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Kiru AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 16th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


High precision resume ranking
Integrated with job boards
Intelligent candidate matching
Custom workflow creation
Advanced OCR in feature
NLP tools used
Deep learning used
Automation scoring
Comprehensive candidate insights
Smart auto-rejection functions
Real-time recruitment analytics
Workflow automation
Auto-interview scheduling
End-to-end recruitment solution
JD assistant trained extensively
Accurate resume matching scores
Quick resume parsing
Holistic view scorecards
Unique recruitment automated paths
Conflict-free scheduling feature
Trackable application-to-hire journey
Resume analysis at high Precision
Enhanced job posting tool
Enhanced recruitment efficiency
Diverse file format compatibility
Efficient data extraction
Filters out non-matching candidates
Customizable talent acquisition journey
Advanced technology for resume parsing
Detailed interview summaries
Identification of hiring bottlenecks
Analysis of potential talent pool


No multi-language support
OCR limited to resumes
No explicit integration with LinkedIn
Limited workflow customization
Rejection criteria not customizable
Lack of profile enrichment options
No candidate engagement features
Absence of an API
May miss unconventional candidate profiles
Dependent on job board integration


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What is the advanced OCR, NLP and ChatGPT AI solutions used by Kiru AI?
How does Kiru AI analyze resumes using deep learning?
What is the AI-driven workflow of Kiru AI?
What is meant by comprehensive candidate insights in Kiru AI?
How does the resume parsing feature of Kiru AI work?
What is the role of the AI-guided Job Description Assistant in Kiru AI?
How does Kiru AI apply auto-rejection capabilities to the screening process?
How does Kiru AI help with recruitment analytics?
What is the workflow automation feature of Kiru AI?
How does auto-interview scheduling work in Kiru AI?
Can Kiru AI help with end-to-end recruitment solutions?
What is the accuracy rate of Kiru AI's workflows?
How does Kiru AI match resumes to job descriptions?
Is Kiru AI integrated with any job boards?

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