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AI Recruiter: Your automated hiring solution.
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AI Recruiter is an innovative product created by AI Cartel which redefines the human resources field using artificial intelligence. This AI tool primarily serves as an automated hiring solution.

It automatically searches for suitable candidates, establishes contact with them, and conducts job interviews without the need for human intervention.

The AI can be briefed about the ideal candidate and subsequently use this information to autonomously interview prospective employees. Furthermore, these interviews are conducted with advanced technical questions to assess the skills and qualifications of the candidate.

The tool also ranks the candidates based on their compatibility with the job description and provides the hiring team with audio recordings of the AI-conducted interviews.

This not only helps to streamline the hiring process but also ensures consistency and objectivity in candidate evaluations. The AI Recruiter is fashioned to suffice the needs of both companies looking to hire and candidates seeking employment.

Candidates do not require a resume as the AI will directly communicate with them to understand their skills and fitment for the job in question. Lastly, AI Cartel, led by CEO Sanson Chaignon, is dedicated to simplifying the incorporation of artificial intelligence into business operations and the hiring process, imparting a unique, efficient, and transformative HR experience.


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AICartel was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 17th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Automated hiring solution
Auto-searches suitable candidates
Conducts autonomous interviews
Customizable candidate parameters
Uses advanced technical questions
Ranks candidates
Provides interview audio recordings
Streamlines the hiring process
Ensures consistent evaluations
Resume-free hiring
Direct communication with candidates
Serves companies and candidates
Free for businesses and applicants
Easy two-step process
HR technology integration
Business automation
Impactful HR transformation
Guided by experienced CEO
Contact options: email, Twitter, LinkedIn, Discord


Loss of human touch
No resume required risks
Questionable candidate assessment
3 weeks waiting time
Lack of personal interaction
Possibility of candidates impersonation
Limited to predefined questions


What is the AICartel AI Recruiter?
How does the AICartel AI Recruiter operate without human intervention?
How specific can I get while briefing the AI Recruiter about my ideal candidate?
How does the AI Recruiter assess the skills and qualifications of a candidate?
On what basis does the AI Recruiter rank candidates?
What is the format of the AI-conducted interviews provided by the AI Recruiter?
How does the AI Recruiter streamline the hiring process?
How does the AICartel AI Recruiter ensure objectivity in candidate evaluations?
Do candidates require a resume to use the AI Recruiter?
How does the AI Recruiter understanding the candidate's skills without a resume?
What kind of companies is the AI Recruiter best suited for?
What benefits does the AI Recruiter provide for potential candidates?
How does the AI Recruiter affect the traditional hiring process?
Who is the CEO of AI Cartel and what's his background?
What features does the AI Recruiter offer that other AI recruiting methods don't?
What should I do if I am a candidate and I do not want to be interviewed by an AI?
How much does it cost to use the AICartel AI Recruiter?
How does AI Cartel make profit from the AI Recruiter?
How long does it take to configure the AICartel AI Recruiter?
What if I have problems with the AI Recruiter, who should I contact?


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