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AI for efficient and productive recruitment automation.
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CVViZ is an AI-based online recruiting software designed to optimize and simplify the hiring process for businesses. It primarily uses AI for recruitment automation, striving to make hiring processes more efficient, productive, and straightforward.

Key functionalities include resume screening, which utilizes AI to intelligently screen, match, and rank resumes. It's also capable of sourcing candidates and provides a fully integrated applicant tracking system.CVViZ's AI recruiting technology aims to refine the quality of hiring.

Whether it's high-volume or niche hiring, the tool enables businesses to connect with right candidates faster. Furthermore, it allows organizations to identify promising candidates earlier in the selection process.Beyond resume screening and candidate sourcing, CVViZ also features a recruitment CRM, integrations with other systems, and a beta version of an Employee Referral system.

Its recruitment CRM allows organizations to manage relationships and communicate effectively with potential candidates, while the integration functionality ensures CVViZ can work well with existing applicant tracking systems, acting as an intelligent layer atop these systems.To facilitate global reach, CVViZ is integrated with over 2000 job boards worldwide.

This ensures jobs can be posted to various free and paid job sites in a single submission. Overall, CVViZ innovatively streamlines the recruitment process from job posting to job offer issuance, leveraging AI to deliver a more intelligent and efficient hiring journey.


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CVViZ was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 7th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Efficient recruitment automation
Intelligent resume screening
Advanced candidate sourcing
Integrated applicant tracking system
Enhances hiring quality
Works for any hiring volume
Early identification of promising candidates
Recruitment CRM included
Compatible with existing systems
Employee referral system
Global job board integration
Streamlines the hiring process
Capabilities for high-volume hiring
Intelligent layer for existing systems
Post jobs to free and paid job sites
Integration with other systems
Recognition by SG India and CIO Review
Integrated with LinkedIn, GitHub, StackOverflow
Customized communication with candidates
Compliance with GDPR
Seamless video interview organizing
Recommendation engine for job boards
Advanced recruitment analytics
Live code editor for developers
Automated candidate sourcing
Cloud-based Applicant Tracking System
CVViZ is GDPR compliant


Employee Referral system beta
Depends heavily on integrations
Limited career page design
Lack of advanced analytics
Reliant on job boards
Limited CRM functionality
No local job boards optimization
Insufficient information on GDPR compliance
No explicit mobile-friendly features


What is CVViZ?
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What are the key functionalities of CVViZ?
What is the resume screening process in CVViZ?
How does CVViZ perform candidate sourcing?
Does CVViZ provide an applicant tracking system?
Does CVViZ suit for high-volume hiring?
How early does CVViZ identity promising candidates in the selection process?
Does CVViZ feature a recruitment CRM?
Can CVViZ integrate with existing applicant tracking systems?
Does CVViZ have a global reach with job boards?
How does CVViZ streamline the recruitment process?
What is the role of AI in CVViZ's recruitment?
Which businesses are CVViZ suitable for?
What is the beta version of the Employee Referral system in CVViZ?
What are the potential candidate communication capabilities of CVViZ's recruitment CRM?
How does CVViZ rank resumes?
How can I post jobs using CVViZ?
What is CVViZ's approach to hiring optimization?
What is the pricing model for CVViZ?


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