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Matching tech talent with opportunities using AI
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HireBrain is an AI-driven platform designed to connect tech professionals seeking opportunities in different countries with companies, recruiters and service providers offering service and job positions.

This dynamic tool uses advanced AI technology to analyze professional skills and experience, matching candidates with suitable job openings that have been pre-vetted by recruiters.

The tool aims to eliminate the uncertainties typically associated with job hunting by revealing the real value of the candidates in the job market. Moreover, through services like a CV builder and analysis assistance, professionals can streamline their job search and application processes.

This platform also provides human support for elements of the process where it adds value. For companies, hireBrain offers precise candidate matching, access to a diverse pool of tech candidates, and the ability to design recruiting projects to meet specific needs.

The use of dedicated personal assistance supplements the AI's capabilities, ensuring all hiring needs are fulfilled. The platform offers different pricing models catering to recruiters, candidates, and even more comprehensive AI-driven services.


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Jun 2, 2023
Fails at first form, you can't enter a country. No way to contact them to tell them.

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Pros and Cons


Matches tech experts with companies
Skill-matching algorithms
CV builder and analysis assistance
Job listing reviews and improvements
Relocation and visa assistance
Access to unique tech candidates
Customisable hiring process
Range of pricing plans
Job post feature
Branding services
Job list feature
Smart Link feature
Job alert feature
Talent sourcing feature
Total views analytics
Job analytics
Application reports
Assessments feature
Streamlines job search and application
Reveals candidate value in job market
Precise candidate matching
Services cater to recruiters and candidates
Dedicated personal assistance
Ability to run recruiting projects independently
Pre-vetted job openings
Analyzes professional skills and experience
Support during hiring process
Improves job listings
State-of-the-art platform
Connects tech professionals globally
Caters to companies, recruiters, and service providers
Diverse pool of tech candidates
Helps eliminate uncertainties in job hunting
Pre-analyzed job listings
Access to wider talent pool


No mobile application
Limited candidate pool
No Integrations with HRM systems
Doesn't support multi-language
Premium features are expensive
Dependent on human support
Lack of chat support
Not clear refund policy
Limited analytic features
No free trial for premium services


What is hireBrain?
Who can use hireBrain?
How does hireBrain's AI match tech experts with job openings?
What services does hireBrain offer to job seekers?
What features of hireBrain can recruiters use?
How does hireBrain help in the relocation and visa process?
How does hireBrain's CV builder work?
What pricing plans does hireBrain offer?
What special features are included in hireBrain's Empowered A.I pricing plan?
Can I sign up for hireBrain for free?
How does hireBrain assist in job market analysis?
What is meant by HireBrain's skill-matching algorithms?
What is hireBrain's unique combination of AI and human support?
What kind of analytics does hireBrain provide?
How can I improve my job listings using hireBrain?
How can I utilize hireBrain's services to streamline my job application process?
What is the purpose of hireBrain's dedicated personal assistance?
What makes hireBrain unique for recruiters?
How does hireBrain ensure diversity in hiring?
How does hireBrain's application report feature work?

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