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JobsGPT is a GPT dedicated to facilitating employment in the field of GPT startups and agencies. It uses the capabilities of ChatGPT to match job seekers with an appropriate match in its network of GPT startups and agencies.

The service basis its matching process on shares of job seekers profiles and aims to locate the best fitting positions accordingly. The JobsGPT system utilises a prompt-based interaction system.

Among the common prompts users might employ are requests to find a job which matches the profile attached to a particular email or inquires about profiles that are similar to the users.

The platform is therefore able to align the aspirants with the right vacancy based on the profile analysis, enhancing the job searching process.To use the JobsGPT, users must sign up and share their email for profile matching.

The matching mechanism uses a user's profile to determine the best employment opportunities available within startups and agencies in the GPT industry.

For instance, a user can prompt JobsGPT with 'Can you find a match for my profile?' or 'Are there any profiles similar to mine?'Do note that JobsGPT requires ChatGPT Plus for operation.

The utilisation of ChatGPT, renowned for its advanced conversational capabilities, ensures employers and potential employees can connect efficiently and effectively.As part of the GPT ecosystem, JobsGPT is a cutting-edge tool using artificial intelligence to enhance recruitment within the world of GPT.


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