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Can you create a resume from my LinkedIn?
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What recent job roles should I highlight?
I'm applying for a new role, can you update my resume?
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Resume Architect is a GPT powered by KRISHAI TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED and is designed with an objective to assist users in creating unique, tailored resumes that can potentially increase their chances of securing their dream jobs.

It utilizes the capabilities of GPT to generate resumes for various profiles, from an entry-level job seeker to a seasoned professional. Users engage with the tool by providing personal details, career history, skill set and the tool then uses this information to architect a resume that aligns with their professional goals.

In addition to creating resumes from scratch, the tool offers the feature of updating and reformatting existing resumes. It suggests optimal ways of highlighting recent job roles and can integrate various elements into the resume.

Users can ask the tool to include information from their LinkedIn and GitHub profiles, thus ensuring that the resumes are comprehensive and up-to-date.

The tool also provides prompt starters to help users structure their requests. For example, users can ask 'Can you create a resume from my LinkedIn?', 'How do I add my GitHub to my resume?', 'What recent job roles should I highlight?', and 'I'm applying for a new role, can you update my resume?'.

This interactive approach not only simplifies the process of resume building but also offers users options to create customised resumes according to their preferences.

To use the Resume Architect, one will require a ChatGPT Plus account. By leveraging the capabilities of AI and GPT, the tool simplifies the often complex and time-consuming process of resume creation, providing an efficient and reliable solution for job seekers at all stages of their career.


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