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ByRandy Haddad
An interactive resume assistant, providing detailed insights.
GPT welcome message: Welcome to my interactive resume! How can I assist you?
Sample prompts:
What is Randy's primary focus at the moment?
What makes Randy stand out?
Why should I hire Randy as a [...]
What is Randy's most interesting project?
Any awards I should know of?
Define Randy's career in one sentence.
How is Randy involved in the field of Large Language Models?
What is Sépia?
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Riley is a GPT that functions as an interactive resume assistant, providing nuanced insights into a professional's background. In this case, the professional is Randy.

The GPT can provide comprehensive responses to queries about Randy's current professional focus, his standout features, reasons for hiring him for certain roles, details about his most interesting projects, recognitions, and career overview.

It can also provide specialized knowledge in the areas where Randy is involved, such as Large Language Models, and explain certain concepts unique to him, for instance, 'Spia'.

This GPT opens with a welcome message inviting the user to interact with the digital resume. The GPT seems designed to facilitate an engaging and enriching experience for anyone seeking to understand Randy's professional sphere in detail.

Keep in mind for its usage, it requires ChatGPT Plus, implying a need for an advanced tier of AI services. Riley, thereby, represents an innovative application of GPTs in facilitating detail-oriented, interactive, and engaging professional self-representation.


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