Task automation 29 May 2023
Improved productivity through efficient task execution.

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Intellyverse is an online productivity platform that leverages AI to empower users to create their own AI assistants for various tasks. It allows users to share and clone prompts and AI assistants.

Intellyverse simplifies the interaction with AI systems, making it accessible to users without requiring expert knowledge.The platform offers a chat-based interface where users can input prompts, which are specific texts or information, and the AI assistant performs the corresponding task based on the provided details.

The result is generated in a chat format, resembling a conversation with a human being.Users can create their own AI assistants by providing a brief description of the task the assistant will perform, how it will execute it, and the desired structure of the results.

These assistants can be for personal use or shared publicly with other users.Intellyverse differentiates itself by incorporating assistants as complements to prompts, making the interaction more effective and straightforward for users.

This approach reduces the complexity of interacting with AI platforms and eliminates the need for expensive prompt engineering services.Additional features of Intellyverse include the ability to clone and use other users' assistants, save chats and prompts, search for assistants and prompts by name or category, and utilize various tools for more complex functionalities.Intellyverse offers different pricing plans, including a free option with limited chat access.

Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time, with specific terms and refunds depending on the chosen plan.

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Pros and Cons


Task automation capabilities
Efficient task execution
No expert knowledge required
Chat-based interaction
Personalize and create own assistants
Option to share assistants publicly
Eliminates need for prompt engineering
Clone and use others' assistants
Ability to save chats and prompts
Prompt and assistant search function
Tool variety for complex functionalities
Has a free version
Affordable subscription options
Subscription cancellation flexibility
Subscriptions with refunds
Includes social network sharing
User-friendly interface
Text prompt driven
Structure customized results
Community sharing of assistants
Unlimited conversations in paid plans
Unlimited assistants in paid plans
Various tool credits in subscriptions
Diverse assistant use-cases
Functionality expansion according to needs
Generates conversational style results
Private and public assistant option
Assistant variety and customization
Multifunctional tooling options
No credit cards needed for free test
Facility to improve assistant's context
Interactive assistant settings
Consultation through assistants
Solves specific, complex problems
Facility for feedback submission
Well-structured pricing plans
Numerous ready-to-use tools provided
User feedback driven updates
User request features
Easy registration process
Strive for user satisfaction
Various Assistant applications


No mobile app
Limits on chat access
Limited tools for free account
Dependent on Google Account/email
Complex assistant creation
Unclear refund terms
No explicit data protection
No API provided
Output limited to chat format
No offline mode


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How can I search for assistants and prompts by name or category in Intellyverse?
Can I share my AI assistants publicly with other Intellyverse users?
What tools are available for more complex functionalities in Intellyverse?
How can I save my chats and prompts in Intellyverse?
What are the different pricing plans available for Intellyverse?
How can I cancel my Intellyverse subscription?
Does Intellyverse offer a free option?
What happens to my chats and prompts if I cancel my Intellyverse subscription?
How does the 'clone' feature work on Intellyverse?
What is prompt engineering and how does Intellyverse eliminate the need for it?
How does Intellyverse utilize AI to improve task automation?
What types of tasks can Intellyverse's AI assistants perform?
Can I import and use Intellyverse's AI assistant outside the platform?
What sets Intellyverse apart from other AI productivity platforms?

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