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Automated summary and document generation for meetings.
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Fulcrum is an AI assistant tailored for product teams, aiming to enhance productivity by automating tasks such as feedback analysis, document creation, and market research. It streamlines decision-making processes by automating the reading of meeting notes and QnAs, allowing teams to focus on more meaningful aspects of their work.

Efficiency is a key focus, as Fulcrum enables a 58% time savings in document creation, offering tailored documents like PRDs, user guides, and release notes. The tool consolidates feedback from various channels, ensuring that valuable user insights are efficiently collected and analyzed. It facilitates the creation of universal documents understood across different functions, minimizing the time spent in team meetings.

Fulcrum excels in navigating through internal documents, summarizing information, and generating reports. It provides a centralized knowledge base for collaborative team efforts, integrating seamlessly with popular platforms like Google Drive, Confluence, Jira, or Notion.

In addition to its productivity features, Fulcrum emphasizes data security, adhering to GDPR requirements. The tool positions itself as the ultimate co-pilot for product teams, offering early access with an early bird discount at launch. It aims to simplify complex product management tasks and empower teams to make data-driven decisions confidently.

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