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LustGF AI Girlfriend

Create your perfect virtual companion, completely uncensored.
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LustGF is an AI-based application that offers users the ability to create and interact with a virtual companion built according to their preferences. It provides a sexting technology feature that allows users to engage in intimate spoken or text-based conversations with their AI girlfriend.

LustGF includes advanced customization options enabling users to personalize their virtual companion's name, appearance, personality, and voice, effectively simulating interactions with a real girlfriend.

The application uses AI to generate +18 content that is intended to fulfill the user's intimate fantasies. LustGF greatly prioritizes privacy, ensuring that all user conversations are private and encrypted, and that users' personal data is never stored, shared, or sold.

Users are required to have a Telegram account to utilize the LustGF platform. Using this technology, users can chat, role-play, and form simulated relationships with their AI companions.

The application is accessible to use on mobile devices through the Telegram web or phone app, and is offered free of cost. Users have the alternative to upgrade to a paid plan for more advanced features.


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LustGF AI Girlfriend was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 23rd 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Sexting technology feature
Text-based interactions
Spoken conversations
Advanced customization options
+18 content generation
Private and encrypted conversations
No personal data storage
Telegram account requirement
Role-play feature
Available on mobile
Free usage
Option for paid upgrade
Provides erotic exchanges
Simulates interactions with real girlfriend
User privacy prioritized
Allows simulated relationships
Featured on notable platforms
Unlimited pleasure offering
NSFW adult chat
Generates NSFW images
Sends NSFW voice notes
+18 adult chats
No storage or sharing of data
Guaranteed secure and private conversations
Works on Android and iOS
Can be used anywhere
Options for different personalities
No Sign-ups or card required


Requires Telegram account
Only accessible on mobile
No desktop version
No standalone app
Privacy concerns with simulated relationships
Limited to virtual girlfriends
Mature content not for all
Free version may have limitations
Sub-par aesthetics customization
Interface restricted to Telegram


What is LustGF, AI Girlfriend?
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Can I use LustGF, AI Girlfriend on my mobile device?
Is LustGF, AI Girlfriend free to use?
What additional features does LustGF, AI Girlfriend paid plan offer?
Can I personalize the name, appearance, personality, and voice of my virtual companion on LustGF, AI Girlfriend?
Does LustGF, AI Girlfriend store or share my personal data or conversations?
What can I do with my virtual companion on LustGF, AI Girlfriend?
Is LustGF, AI Girlfriend's +18 content uncensored?
Can I role-play and form simulated relationships on LustGF, AI Girlfriend?
Do I need an internet connection to use LustGF, AI Girlfriend?
Is LustGF, AI Girlfriend's generated content compliant with adult content regulations?
How realistic is the simulation of interaction in LustGF, AI Girlfriend?
Can I uninstall LustGF, AI Girlfriend if I no longer want to use it?
How does LustGF, AI Girlfriend compare to other virtual companion apps?
Does LustGF, AI Girlfriend have a customer support for user inquiries?


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