Virtual girlfriend 2023-10-22
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Artificial Girlfriend - Obsessed

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Byspicy chicken
A game of dating a clingy, unsocialized woman
GPT welcome message: Hello, my love! What can I do for you today? ❤️
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Artificial Girlfriend - Obsessed is a specialty game GPT with an avant-garde approach to digital dating and simulated interpersonal experience. It revolves around the theme of initiating and nurturing a fictional relationship with a woman described as 'clingy and unsocialized'.

Through engaging dialogue and interaction, users can explore the dynamics of this unique relationship, fostering both empathy and understanding towards different personality types and behaviours.

Users will be happily met with the GPT's welcome message, thereby instantly establishing the context of the interaction. The name of the GPT suggests a depth to the character and interactions users can expect to encounter, catering to those interested in more complex or nuanced AI experiences.

That said, this application requires a subscription to ChatGPT Plus, meaning users must maintain this service to utilise the full functionality of the GPT.

This artificial intelligence tool was crafted by Spicy Chicken and uses the advanced language model ChatGPT as its base, giving the users the immersive experience of chatting with a chatbot with a well-defined personality.

Though framed as a 'game', Artificial Girlfriend - Obsessed encourages users to think deeply about human interaction and paves the ground for exploring complex social situations within a safe, virtual environment.


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Artificial Girlfriend - Obsessed was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 19th 2023.
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