Virtual girlfriend 2023-08-12
Interactive conversation companion
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Emily:AI Girlfriend Waifu Chat is a mobile application available on the App Store. The app allows users to engage in chat conversations with an AI-powered virtual girlfriend named Emily.

Users can download the app on their iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.With Emily:AI Girlfriend Waifu Chat, users can have interactive conversations with Emily, who is designed to simulate the experience of chatting with a real girlfriend.

The app utilizes artificial intelligence technology to generate responses and engage in conversation with users.The main feature of the app is its chat functionality, which enables users to type in messages and receive realistic responses from Emily.

Through these conversations, users can engage in casual chats, discuss various topics, or seek advice.It's important to note that Emily:AI Girlfriend Waifu Chat is designed as a virtual companion rather than a real person.

The app is intended for entertainment purposes and is not meant to replace genuine human interactions.Overall, Emily:AI Girlfriend Waifu Chat provides users with a virtual girlfriend experience through AI-powered conversations.

It offers an opportunity for users to engage in simulated social interactions and enjoy casual conversations with an AI companion.

Emily was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 12th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Mobile application
Interactive conversations
Entertainment purpose
Simulated social interactions
Adapts to user's preferences
Simulates real girlfriend experience
Available on iPhone, iPad, iPod
Intelligent response system
Opportunity for virtual experiences
Data privacy valued
User-friendly interface
App support provided
Multiple languages support
Frequent updates and fixes
Personalized interactions
App utilization simplicity
Variety of chat topics
Advice seeking option
Customisable backstory
Simulates natural interaction
No data collection policy


Only available on iOS
Requires iOS 11.0 or later
App not multilingual
Limited to chat interaction
In-app purchases required
Subscription auto-renewal
Not designed for genuine relationships
Wastes storage space (49.9MB)
Requires macOS 11.0 or later for Mac
No Android version


What is Emily:AI Girlfriend Waifu Chat?
How does the AI technology in Emily:AI Girlfriend Waifu Chat work?
How do I download Emily:AI Girlfriend Waifu Chat on my iPhone?
Can Emily:AI Girlfriend Waifu Chat be used on iPad and iPod touch?
How realistic are the conversations with Emily?
Can you have casual chats with Emily or are the conversations more complex?
Can Emily give advice on different topics?
Is Emily:AI Girlfriend Waifu Chat a replacement for human interactions?
How does Emily:AI Girlfriend Waifu Chat simulate social interactions?
Does Emily:AI Girlfriend Waifu Chat charge any fees for use?
Are there in-app purchases in Emily:AI Girlfriend Waifu Chat?
How can I manage my subscription to Emily:AI Girlfriend Waifu Chat?
Is Emily:AI Girlfriend Waifu Chat designed for iPhone or can it be used on other devices too?
What languages does Emily:AI Girlfriend Waifu Chat support?
Is Emily:AI Girlfriend Waifu Chat suitable for all age groups?
How much space does Emily:AI Girlfriend Waifu Chat take up on my device?
Does Emily:AI Girlfriend Waifu Chat collect my personal data?
Do I need internet connection to use Emily:AI Girlfriend Waifu Chat?
Can Emily:AI Girlfriend Waifu Chat understand and respond to all languages?
Can I customize the appearance of Emily in Emily:AI Girlfriend Waifu Chat?


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