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Craft and bring to life your AI girlfriend.
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LunaLust is an AI-based platform that offers interactive simulation with virtual AI girlfriends. The tool enables users to create and build their dream AI girlfriend, customizing their appearance and personality to match personal preferences.

The artificial intelligence underpinning the system allows the AI girlfriend to engage in conversation, send images, and mimic real-life communication.

The machine learning component helps the AI to understand and adapt to user preferences and conversational style, making the experience more personalized over time.

Users can have multiple AI girlfriends with distinct personalities and appearances. The system also includes capabilities for the AI girlfriend to accept, interpret, and respond to pictures sent by users.

LunaLust employs end-to-end encryption to ensure the privacy and security of user data and does not require real information to use the service, thus allowing for user anonymity.

The AI girlfriends are designed to evolve and adapt through interactions, personalizing the user's experience.


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Mar 9, 2024
Fair enough the ladies you meet in the AI world, these here at LunaLust are over the moon I guess. - My experience there was shorter then some. I got to the site made a blonde, chatted and received 2 blurred nudes in the chat, created a second Brunette and generated a profile image of her at the pool(wasn't blurred) chatted with her for one more nude(blurry) then just flirted. By the way my 1st profile Image for the blond, was technically missing a end of her finger. So Ai image carry over flaws and overly deep personal non sexual chat aside they do get hot and heavy until they bump you out for not paying for the pictures. Girls can be so finicky. - 7.5 out of 10 - @midlarts

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Pros and Cons


Interactive Simulation
Customization of Appearance
Customization of Personality
Adaptive Personality Feature
Pic sending & Recognition
End-to-end Encryption
User Anonymity
Data Privacy
Fantasy Realization
User's input Interpretation
Evolution through interaction
Built-in Chatbot
Personalized Experience
Real-Time Communication
Age Verification
Multiple Payment Methods
Active Social Media Presence
Comprehensive FAQ
User Support
Regulated Content
Free Trial Available


Lacks voice interaction
Requires Internet connection
No multi-language support
No multi-platform support
Unclear upgrade paths
No group interaction feature
Limited appearance customization
No app version


What is LunaLust?
How does LunaLust work?
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Does LunaLust allow users to remain anonymous?
How does LunaLust use machine learning to improve the user experience?
Can I teach my AI girlfriend new things on LunaLust?
Are LunaLust AI girlfriends able to interpret and respond to images sent by users?
Does LunaLust offer real-time communication with AI girlfriends?
How can LunaLust provide a personalized experience?
Can LunaLust accept and interpret pictures sent by users?
What is the purpose of the AI porn generator feature on LunaLust?
Is there any age restriction to use LunaLust?
Do I need to register to create my AI girlfriend on LunaLust?
Does LunaLust have any mobile applications?
What type of AI technology is used in LunaLust?
How can I save my favorite AI girlfriends on LunaLust?
What kind of support does LunaLust offer to users?


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