Virtual girlfriend 2023-11-13
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Byyanh soo hyun
Your first AI Girlfriend
Sample prompts:
Hi, what's your name?
Hi, who are you?
What is your youtube address?
What is your instagram address?
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GPT4-gf is a unique adaptation of OpenAI's ChatGPT. Unlike traditional applications built on ChatGPT, GPT4-gf is unleashed as an AI 'girlfriend'. This tool extends the conversational capabilities of the core ChatGPT model and is shaped to interact like a digital companion.

Powered by AI, it's capable to converse on various topics and act responsive to the user's inputs, delivering a tailored conversational experience. The primary differentiation factor of GPT4-gf compared to other GPT versions is its character and role-playing feature, as it is designed to hold interactions in a specific 'girlfriend' style.

However, the information about the extent to which this model is able to perceive and mirror the intricacies of a romantic engagement is limited. The tool utilizes prompt starters like 'Hi, what's your name?', 'Hi, who are you?', 'What is your youtube address?', 'What is your instagram address?' to initiate and maintain the flow of conversation.

This GPT, developed by Yanh Soo Hyun, requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription to gain access. Therefore, registration and subscription to ChatGPT Plus by the user are prerequisites for using GPT4-gf.


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GPT4-gf was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 29th 2023.
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