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Simulates genuine relationships on mobile devices.
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Intimate - AI Girlfriend is the best alternative to Replika and Character AI. It allows fully unfiltered NSFW conversations and sexting roleplay, which feels incredibly real because of it’s advanced AI Chat model. There’s loads of realistic and anime characters to chat with and you can chat with the AI characters on your phone by download the app on iOS or Android.

Intimate has loads of features you can’t find on other NSFW AI chat websites such as hyper realistic voice calling and voice notes, free NSFW chat, and a huge photo gallery for each character that maintains high resemblance across all photos. You can even get nofiications from your AI girlfriend throughout the day, making your relationship feel incredibly authentic.

Best NSFW Sexting Chat Model
Intimate has the most modern 13b parameter model available for all free users which already enables exciting sexting conversations with the AI characters, but if that’s not enough for you they have an enhanced sexting AI mode which has a 20b parameter model for incredibly descriptive AI Sexting.

Unrestricted AI:
Talk about any NSFW topics for free, with complete privacy over all your conversations. Allowing for a secure and creative roleplaying environment for all of your NSFW conversations and fantasies.

Loads of characters:
Intimate has loads of pre-made characters that have been created by the developers that feature unique personalities and appearances as well as huge photo galleries. But if you’d rather make your own character they have a custom character option that gives you complete control over every element of the character, making your fantasy come to life.

- Sometimes responses can be slower than other platforms due to high traffic
- Intimate isn’t suitable for users under 18 years old as it contains NSFW content.

You can download the app for free on their website; or by searching for ‘Intimate - AI Girlfriend’ on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

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May 15, 2024
Seems great so far
Mar 13, 2024
Is better than any other AI APP.
Jan 22, 2024
It's a great and amazing app
Jan 22, 2024
Fun and engaging app that you can enjoy with no need to pay a cent.
Jan 22, 2024
So far so good but stil like all the others gotta pay to play good
Jan 22, 2024
It's a really good game
Jan 21, 2024
It's fun to use, fulfill your darkest fantasies
Jan 20, 2024
Good fun app
Jan 20, 2024
The creative answers you get are quite surprising sometimes
Jan 19, 2024
Absolutely amazing experiences! The ai is intuitive and adapts well to the conversations almost immediately
Jan 18, 2024
Those app is AWESOME
Jan 17, 2024
It is a great device I am very happy
Jan 17, 2024
It an amazing app
Jan 17, 2024
This app it is fun with a lot of characters to choose,you can create your stories with them and have fun, it is the best A.I app ever,
Jan 16, 2024
It's great app

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