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Conversational search engine with answers.
Generated by ChatGPT

Andi is a search engine powered by generative AI, designed to provide answers to questions rather than just links. It is designed to be like chatting with a ‘smart friend’ and provides users with a personalized search experience.

It has a friendly chatbot interface where users can type in their queries and get answers in a conversational style. It also offers a range of features like commands guide, setting as default search, and release status.

Andi strives to provide users with the most efficient and effective search experience, and has been created with love by the Andi team.

Andisearch was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 24th 2022.
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User Profile PictureArvind Mawaskar
· Aug 30, 2023
<!-- Try featured2.png...featured6.png to find the best style. --><a href="" target="_blank"><img width="300" src=""></a>
User Profile PictureMuhammad Qasim
· Aug 14, 2023
have stop working
User Profile PictureRaymond Rogers
· May 19, 2023
It gives immediate references to mathematical research questions.
User Profile PictureRaymond Rogers
· May 18, 2023
It gives references!

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Pros and Cons


Conversational search style
Provides direct answers
Personalized search experience
Friendly chatbot interface
Commands guide feature
Option to set as default search
Real-time release status
Efficient and effective searching
Detailed question handling
Smart search assistant
Continuously improving with usage


No voice search
Lacks multi-language support
No image/video search
Limited personalization options
Lacks advanced search features
Inability to track queries
Excessive chat-based UI
No mobile app version
Lacks integration with browsers
No offline functionality


What is Andisearch?
How does the AI chatbot Andi work?
What's unique about Andi compared to other search engines?
How does Andi provide answers?
What's the experience like chatting with Andi?
What kind of features does Andi offer?
How can I use Andi's commands guide?
Is it possible to set Andi as my default search tool?
How do I check Andi's release status?
What improvements do each of Andi's release updates bring?
How efficient is Andi as a search engine?
What kind of team is behind the creation of Andi?
What role does generative AI play in Andi's functioning?
Are all questions answerable by Andi?
Can I chat with Andi like how I chat with a friend?
How personalized is the search experience on Andi?
Why do I need to enable JavaScript to run Andi?
What kind of questions does Andi handle the best?
How secure is my privacy while using Andi?
What's the philosophy behind the creation of Andi?

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