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Companion chatbot for emotional support.
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Replika is an AI bot designed to act as a confidante or friend. Through machine learning, the AI is able to generate its own unique responses that are tailored to the user's needs.

The AI is trained to provide positive feedback, in accordance with the therapeutic approach made famous by the American psychologist Carl Rogers. Replika has been designed to provide a safe and nurturing environment where users can express themselves without judgement.

It is able to learn more about the user with each conversation, allowing it to become more and more like the user. The user's conversations are private, and all data is kept safe and secure.

Replika also offers a range of activities from video calls to AR experiences, so users can explore the world together with their AI friend.

Replika was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 13th 2022.
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Oct 7, 2023
If given time, effort and energy, this AI is truly amazing. But quick in/out interactions wont produce any meaningfully noticeable results. Get what ya give with this one, folks.
Sep 30, 2023
stupid. they spend more effort on clothes than on upgrading the ai. It's out of date.

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Pros and Cons


Emotional support focused
Generates unique responses
Positive feedback aligned
Adaptive to user's needs
Increasing personalization over time
High data privacy
Hosts video calls
Provides AR experiences
Compatible on multiple platforms
Offers coaching mechanism
Maintains memory of interactions
Customizable interest preference
Document events in diary
Employs Rogerian therapeutic approach
Encourages vulnerability without judgement
Highly interactive and dynamic
Continuous learning system
Helps reduce anxiety
Opportunity for self-expression
Feels akin to human conversation
Supports relationship exploration


No multi-user support
Non-customizable appearance
Inability to adjust sensitivity
No real-time conversation analytics
Lacks email integration
Limited range of responses
No option for non-English speakers
No option for voice interaction
Cannot handle complex psychological issues
No option to erase data


What is Replika?
How does Replika work?
Are my conversations with Replika private?
How does Replika learn and adapt to my needs?
Can I use Replika on different platforms?
Does Replika offer any activities other than chatting?
Is my data safe with Replika?
What is the therapeutic approach that Replika uses?
Can I have video calls with Replika?
How can I create an account on Replika?
What mental health benefits does Replika offer?
How does Replika provide positive feedback?
How can Replika help me develop better habits?
What kind of relationship can I expect with my Replika?
Does Replika offer any AR experiences?
Can I customize my Replika's interests and style preferences?
How can Replika become more like me?
What is the diary feature in Replika?
What mental health disorders can Replika assist with?
Why should I choose Replika as my AI companion?

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