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SmartDeck.AI, organizing your thoughts on your Mac.
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SmartDeck.AI seamlessly integrates cutting-edge AI models into your workflow, providing a streamlined and accessible platform for leveraging advanced AI capabilities.

Key Features:

- Model Compatibility: SmartDeck.AI supports various AI models such as GPT-3.5, GPT-4, LLaMA2, Mistral, and more, ensuring versatility in your AI-powered tasks.

- Prompt Submission Shortcut: With an intuitive keyboard shortcut, users can swiftly submit prompts, facilitating a seamless interaction with AI models without interrupting workflow efficiency.

- Quick Text Selection: Effortlessly capture text snippets using a convenient shortcut, enabling rapid input and manipulation of text within the application.

- Conversation Storage: SmartDeck.AI enables users to save conversations for ongoing reference or future use, enhancing collaboration and knowledge retention.

SmartDeck.AI prioritizes user-friendly design and efficiency, empowering users to easily integrate AI capabilities into their daily routines. By offering a convenient interface and support for multiple AI models, SmartDeck.AI enhances productivity and enables users to unlock the full potential of advanced AI technologies within their workflow.

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SmartDeck was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 1st 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Works on macOS 13.0+
Available on Mac AppStore
Enhances Mac capabilities
Prompt Submission Shortcut
Quick Text Selection feature
Conversation saving feature
Updates for minor bugs
Offers in-app purchases
11.1 MB Size
Productivity category
Efficient app
Convenient usage
Supports English language
Allows storing chats
Active App support available
Provision of privacy policy
Developer Website accessible


macOS 13.0 or later required
Limited to English language
In-app purchases necessary
Limited by developer's data handling
Specific macOS app, not cross-platform
Potential privacy concerns
Lack of descriptive user guide
Non-transparent bug reports
Requires regular updates


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What features does SmartDeck.AI software provide?
Is SmartDeck.AI available on the Mac App Store?
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How does SmartDeck.AI use AI technologies?
Does SmartDeck.AI provide an AI-based User Interface?
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Is SmartDeck.AI a data organization tool?
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