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ByDouglas Schonholtz
Insights into Twitter's algo with a hint of humor.
GPT welcome message: Ready to decode Twitter's secrets with a smile!
Sample prompts:
Explain the Twitter algorithm.
How does the algo affect tweets?
Can you tell a joke about the algorithm?
What's new in the Twitter algo?
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Tweet X-aminer is a GPT that provides insights into Twitter's algorithm, presented with a hint of humor. Created by Douglas Schonholtz, this tool is available for users via a sign-up process and it requires ChatGPT Plus for access.

Tweet X-aminer is designed to provide an understanding of how Twitter's algorithm operates, aiming to decode its secrets in an engaging and light-hearted manner.

It offers information about the impacts of the algorithm on tweets and updates related to changes in the algorithm. To facilitate this, it uses prompt starters such as 'Explain the Twitter algorithm.', 'How does the algo affect tweets?', 'Can you tell a joke about the algorithm?', and 'What's new in the Twitter algo?'.

These prompts are purposely structured to invite explanatory and humorous responses, allowing users not only to explore the technical aspects of Twitter's algorithm, but also to enjoy humorous perspectives about it.

This distinctive approach makes Tweet X-aminer a unique tool in the realm of AI applications making complex social media algorithms more accessible and understandable to the user.


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Tweet X-aminer was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 17th 2023.
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